Mush - Overnight Oats, 5oz Assorted Flavors

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Mush - Overnight Oats - Wild Blueberry - front
Mush - Overnight Oats - Vanilla Bean - front
Mush - Overnight Oats - Apple Cinnamon - front
Mush - Overnight Oats - Dark Chocolate - front
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Mush - Overnight Oats, 5oz Assorted Flavors

Brand - Mush
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Quick Description

Say hello to your new favorite food! Let pre-soaked oats turn you into a porridge princess. Slow releasing energy in four fabulous flavors. Ta-da!

Key Information

  • Rich in Fiber and Protein
  • Available in delicious Wild Blueberry, Vanilla Bean, Apple Cinnamon, and Dark Chocolate flavors
  • 100% Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • No Added Sugar

Product Overview

Have you always marveled at the efficiency of those who ritualistically prepare their overnight oats? Well, guess what. You are now that person. Mush’s Overnight Oats are made from just six simple ingredients and have been pre-soaked for your pleasure. These little pots of ready-to-eat realness are made from one of the healthiest grains on the planet. Oats are brimming with beta-glucan fiber, known for improving insulin resistance, lowering blood sugar, and reducing cholesterol. What’s more, oats improve heart health and release energy at a slow metabolic rate too! We have a lot of love for the humble grain. Creamy and rich, Overnight Oats are perfect for a morning munch, a scrumptious snack, a post-workout pudding, or even a delicious dessert.

Overnight Oats - Wild Blueberry

Get your morning moving with brilliant wild blueberry-infused Overnight Oats! Blueberries come with their own whole host of superfood superpowers. Packed with antioxidants, potassium, and Vitamin C, choose Wild Blueberry Mush for a double threat.

Overnight Oats - Vanilla Bean

You can’t go wrong with velvety vanilla. Choose Vanilla Bean Mush for a classic hearty oaty treat. It’s also a perfect base for your own toppings! What’s more, raw vanilla beans bring a boost of antioxidants. What a treat!

Overnight Oats - Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon Mush has all the oaty goodness you want from overnight oats with a little extra tang. A seasonal favorite, apple, and cinnamon bring oats a little more fruity edge with a heap of vitamin C too. Apple, spice, and everything nice.

Overnight Oats - Dark Chocolate

Get ready to indulge in the scrumptious Dark Chocolate Mush. Start your day with this perfect pudding-like breakfast. Seriously delicious.


Wild Blueberry: Coconut milk (water, coconut), rolled oats, dried blueberries (blueberries, apple juice), sea salt.

Vanilla Bean: Almond milk (filtered water, almonds), oats, date, vanilla extract, sea salt.

Apple Cinnamon: Almond milk (filtered water, almonds), apple, oats, dried cranberries (cranberries, apple juice), cinnamon, sea salt.

Dark Chocolate: Almond milk (filtered water, almonds), oats organic date, organic cacao powder, sea salt.

Why are overnight oats better than instant porridge?

The nutrients in grains can be hard for the body to absorb due to their tight binding to phytic acid. The longer oats soak, the more efficiently the acid breaks down making their nutrients like zinc and iron, easier for the body to absorb. Soaking oats also helps break down natural fiber containing starches which means that overnight oats help digestion and long-lasting fullness more effectively than instant porridge!

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