Liquid Death - Sparkling Water, 16.9oz

Liquid Death - Sparkling Water, 16.9oz

Brand - Liquid Death
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Quick Description

Looks like a beer, carbonated like a beer, but definitely not a beer. It’s just Liquid Death’s Sparkling Water! When you’ve got this, why even go for the beer?

Key Information

  • Carbonated Stone-Cold Mountain Water
  • Water straight from the alps
  • Drinkable carbonation level
  • Packed with electrolytes
  • Fully recyclable packaging

Product Overview

With a name like Liquid Death, you wouldn’t think that it brings the elixir of life! Liquid Death’s Sparkling Water is water from the alps that has been carbonated and packed into cans.

Liquid Death’s Sparkling Water isn’t manufactured in a lab. It’s all-natural water with a fizz. The carbonation level is also juuuust right. It makes the fizz more like beer and less like soda. Chug it if you will!

There’s nothing else in this other than carbonated mountain water. No added flavors or ingredients, just thirst-quenching water!


100% Stone-Cold Mountain Water (CO2 Added)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does Liquid Death pack its Sparkling Water in cans?

Liquid Death is keen on limiting plastic waste. That’s why it chose aluminium cans! They are more recyclable than those plastic bottles. Plus, it makes drinking water more fun.

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