Liquid Death - Mountain Water, 16.9oz

Liquid Death - Mountain Water, 16.9oz

Brand - Liquid Death
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Quick Description

Liquid Death’s Mountain Water is pure Stone-Cold Mountain Water in a can - packed with minerals and electrolytes for optimum hydration!

Key Information

  • Canned Mountain Water from the Alps
  • Water maintains its original mineral profile
  • All-natural thirst quencher
  • Packed with electrolytes
  • Fully recyclable packaging

Product Overview

Prepare to turn heads when you drink Liquid Death’s Mountain Water! This water in a can contains nothing but refreshing Stone-Cold Mountain Water. 

Liquid Death’s Mountain Water is water made by nature. It wasn’t concocted in a lab. Its mineral content stays the same at 8.1+ PH. As for electrolytes, it contains more than other bottle water brands you’ll find on the market!

Why bother with using aluminum cans for just drinking water? Well, aluminum is infinitely more recyclable compared to plastic. Also, it makes drinking water more fun!


100% Stone-Cold Mountain Water

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does Liquid Death’s Mountain Water come in cans?

Simple. Aluminum cans can be recycled! Plastic bottles are more difficult to recycle than you think. Also, since Liquid Death feels so strongly about limiting plastic waste, it donates 10% of all profits to reduce plastic pollution.

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