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Brand - Leon Beyer

Leon Beyer - Pinot Gris (2017), 750ml

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Quick Description

Enjoy this classic 2017 Pinot Gris from Leon Beyer, a rare luxury delight from the French Alsace region.

Key Information

  • Origins: Eguisheim, Haut Rhin (68), Alsace, France
  • Varietal: Still White Wine
  • Grape: 100% Pinot Gris
  • Vintage: 2017
  • Alcohol content: 13.5%
  • Character: Dry, green and flinty, cool, fresh, citrusy
  • Pairing: Pairs well with spicy Thai, Indian, Chinese, or Japanese food. As well as quiches, pies and soufflés
  • Vegan friendly
  • Organic Certified

Product Overview

The Beyer family have earned their status as some of the finest winemakers in the Alsace region of France. Perfecting their wines over the course of five centuries, Leon Beyer provides their clientele with a uniquely Alsacien drinking experience, combining French and German tradition and flavor. This medium-bodied White from Leon Beyer’s 2017 perfectly draws on the rich and complex flavor of the Pinot Gris from which it is cultivated. With delicate aromas of citrus and pair, this classic white wine is a rare luxury to be enjoyed and shared.

The subtle notes of honey make this Pinot Gris sweeter than your typical Alsace white, so this particular vintage would also work well as a dessert wine! The 2017 vintage is particularly special and definitely one to look out for. During the April harvest, much of France was impacted by frosts and wildfires, having a devastating effect on French winemakers and the wine industry.

In Alsace, despite such challenges, winemakers like Leon Beyer were able to do exceedingly well and produce a uniquely subtle white wine from their Pinot Gris harvest. Leon Beyer has a well-earned host of honorary titles from Académie des Gastronomes, as well as the Académie intérnationale du Vin.


100% Pinot Gris Contains sulfites

Frequently Asked Questions

How to serve the 2017 Leon Beyer Pinot Gris?

Refrigerate two hours before serving and serve cool (50°F). This particular white pairs well with a variety of spicy vegan dishes from around the world. Try it with Thai, Indian, Chinese or Japanese food. The wine would also pair nicely with a vegan quiche, pie, or soufflé - perfect for a lunch with friends in late spring!

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Leon Beyer - Pinot Gris (2017), 750ml
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