Kombuchade - Performance Sports Drink, 12oz

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Kombuchade - Performance Sports Drink, 12oz
Kombuchade - Performance Sports Drink, 12oz - back

Kombuchade - Performance Sports Drink, 12oz

Brand - Kombuchade
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Quick Description

Packed with probiotic goodness & hydrating electrolytes, Kombuchade Performance Sports Drink is ‘the world’s cleanest & most functional sports drink’. Drink up!

Key Information

  • Kombucha-based sports drink
  • Made with rooibos, yerba mate & ginger root
  • Bursting with electrolytes
  • Perfect workout refreshment
  • Locally produced in Chicago

Product Overview

Kombuchade’s Performance Sports Drink is designed to be ‘the world’s cleanest and most functional sports drink’. It has a deliciously fresh, herbal, and tangy flavor, with just the right level of fiery ginger kick.

Carefully crafted to detox, energize and revitalize, it is made with organic fermented tea, raw, organic cane sugar, sustainably sourced botanicals, and electrolytes from the finest Portuguese sea salt.

Perfect for a post-workout refreshment, Kombuchade’s Performance Sports Drink is great to help you rehydrate after intensive exercise.

Kombuchade’s Performance Sports Drink is locally produced in Chicago, using clean, green ingredients.


Raw Kombucha (Fluoride Free Filtered Water, Organic Tea and Herb Blend*, Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, and Raw Organic Cane Sugar), Sea Salt.
*Fair Trade Jade Cloud Green Tea, Ruby Oolong Tea, Red Rooibos, Yerba Mate, Ginger Root

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a sports drink?

If you are doing high-intensity workouts or training for longer than an hour, a sports drink like Kombuchade’s Performance Sports Drink is a great way to replenish lost nutrients, including electrolytes like sodium, calcium, and potassium.

To avoid dehydration, drink water before and during your workout, and add a sports drink at the end to give your body a boost of hydration and nutrients.

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