Kikkoman - Rice Vinegar, 10oz

Kikkoman - Rice Vinegar, 10oz
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Kikkoman - Rice Vinegar, 10oz

Brand - Kikkoman
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Quick Description

Kikkoman’s Rice Vinegar delivers a mild vinegar taste that’s perfect for all kinds of recipes. This versatile condiment brings sweet and savory dishes to life.

Key Information

  • Top-quality Rice Vinegar
  • Use for seasoning pickling
  • No preservatives
  • Milder taste than regular vinegar
  • No cholesterol

Product Overview

Vinegar is a great ingredient to add to your dishes. It’s got great flavor and can bring vibrance in any recipe it’s added to.

However, regular vinegar can sometimes be too tart and overpowering. Kikkoman’s Rice Vinegar, on the other hand, has more of a gentle tartness. Its high vinegar content also makes it a great companion to sweet and tangy dishes.

Kikkoman’s Rice Vinegar brings a well-balanced acidity to all of your favorite dishes - not only Asian-inspired ones! Get experimenting.

You can even Kikkoman’s Rice Vinegar to pickle vegetables! It’s THAT versatile.


Rice vinegar, Water, Diluted with water to 4.2% acidity (42 grain)

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a bottle of Kikkoman’s Rice Vinegar?

Rice Vinegar is often used in Asian cuisine, but you can go beyond that! Use it as an ingredient for salad dressing or use it to bring tartness to stews! When a recipe calls for lemon juice or white wine vinegar, you can substitute them for Kikkoman’s Rice Vinegar.

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