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Keeler Estate Vineyard - "Heart" Pinot Noir (2017), 750ml

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Quick Description

You can truly taste the terroir, and the love, in Keeler Estate Vineyard’s 2017 “Heart” Pinot Noir. Biodynamic, organic, and downright delicious!

Key Information

  • Origins: Willamette Valley, Oregon, United States
  • Varietal: Still Red Wine
  • Grapes: Pinot Noir
  • Vineyard: Keeler Estate Vineyard
  • Alcohol Content: 13%
  • Character: Light-to-medium bodied, with lots of red fruit character
  • Pairing: Pair with earthy dishes like mushroom and truffle
  • Allergens: Contains naturally occurring sulfites
  • Vegan 
  • Organic-Certified
  • Demeter-Certified Biodynamic Vineyard

Product Overview

The Keeler Estate Vineyard - a Demeter-Certified vineyard run by Craig and Gabriele Keeler - is situated within the Eola-Amity AVA appellation of the Willamette Valley. The Willamette Valley is located on the same latitude as Burgundy, a region known for making some of the most remarkable Pinot Noirs in the world. And, let us tell you, the Keeler Estate “Heart” Pinot Noir (2017) would certainly give France a run for their euros! The Pinot Noir grape is exceptionally good at expressing the winery’s terroir. In fact, the reason for the diagram of the heart wrapped in vines on the label is to symbolize the fact that this wine truly has its heart rooted in the earth from which it comes.

All the grapes grown on this estate are biodynamic and organic, meaning they are a natural articulation of this wonderful part of the winemaking world. Light to medium-bodied, and high in acidity, one can expect cherry aromas and lots of red fruit character. A noticeable earthiness, quite typical of Pinot Noirs from this region, makes a wonderful match for similarly earthy foods. Try pairing with a portobello mushroom burger, a salad of beets and pecans, or even some truffle pasta for a proper dish full of indulgence!


Made with organic, biodynamic Pinot Noir grapes.
Allergens: Contains naturally occurring sulfites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between organic and biodynamic?

All the wines produced on Keeler Estate Vineyards are Demeter-Certified biodynamic, as well as organic. You may ask: aren’t they the same thing? Well, biodynamic farming practices certainly adhere to organic practices in that they omit the use of GMOs, chemical pesticides, and fertilizers, heavily relying instead on good old-fashioned composting. However, biodynamic farming also lays a lot of emphasis on sustainability and working with the terrain and its climate. Farmers must be as independent as possible, relying very little on imported material - organic farming has fewer limitations on what aides it can bring in. Principally, it’s about working in harmony with the elements, using the wind (which Oregon has plenty of!) and sun cycles, to ensure as little intervention as possible.

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Keeler Estate Vineyard - "Heart" Pinot Noir (2017), 750ml
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