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Brand - Honcho Agua Fresca

Honcho - Spiked Agua Fresca - Hard Seltzer, 6pk

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Quick Description

Fuel your fiesta fun with Honcho’s Spiked Agua Frescas in either Mango or Prickly Pear. Be the life and spirit of the party with this light and refreshing seltzer kick!

Key Information:

  • 4% Alcohol
  • Gluten-Free
  • No Added Sugar
  • Recyclable BPA-Free Can

Product Overview:

Agua Fresca is a traditional Mexican non-alcoholic drink consisting of fresh water with a hint of natural fruit juice, best to pick one up from the local pushcart down the road. The Honcho team thought it was about time to turn it up a notch with Spiked Agua Fresca - It’s a carbonated, low-calorie alcoholic revolution. Naturally harvested fruit nectar infuses fresh spring water, spiked with tropical fruit wine. So, lift your spirits the Latin American way and say ‘salut!’ Honcho is free from sugar-based alcoholic additives you may find in low-calorie Hard Selters. They ferment their own fruit wine for an all-natural sparkling drink with a south-of-the-border twist and no added sugar.

Spiked Agua Fresca Mango

Enjoy Honcho’s Spiked Agua Fresca Mango flavor! Dry and tropical, this fantastic fruit twist is made up of three different types of mango with a hint of peach. Thirst-quenching and subtly sweet. Yum!

Spiked Agua Fresca Prickly Pear

Get spiked with Honcho’s Prickly Pear flavored Agua Fresca...we promise it won’t hurt! A hint of pomegranate adds a tartness to this hand-crafted sparkling beverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a seltzer?

Hard seltzers, spiked seltzers, and alcoholic seltzers all describe the same thing - and it’s all the rage right now. Low-calorie and usually gluten-free, hard seltzers are simply sparkling water with low alcoholic content, usually between 4%-6%. The alcohol is normally derived from cane sugar, though sometimes is made from barley, which would technically make the drink a low-alcohol malt-beverage (containing gluten).

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Honcho - Spiked Agua Fresca - Hard Seltzer, 6pk
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