Green2 - Ultra Soft Tree-Free Bath Tissue, 4pk

Green2 - Ultra Soft Tree-Free Bath Tissue, 4pk

Brand - Green2
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Quick Description

There is no need to flush your dreams of a healthy planet down the toilet. Announcing the Green2 Tree-Free Bath Tissue, 2-ply toilet paper made of sugar cane and bamboo grass.

Key Information

  • Tree-free toilet paper
  • Compostable
  • Marine biodegradable
  • 2-Ply Sheets
  • Ultra Soft
  • Septic Safe

Product Overview

Across the world, 900 million trees are harvested every year for toilet paper alone. This is no small figure. Deforestation is destroying wildlife habitats and obliterating the very ‘lungs’ of the earth. So what can we do to help? We can use tree-free toilet paper. Smart and sustainable, this clever Ultra-Soft Tree-Free Bath Tissue is made from sugar cane and bamboo grass, some of the fastest-growing plant crops. Sugar cane is grown for the production of sugar, and in this process, it produces a byproduct known as bagasse.

It is this byproduct that is made into a pulp for paper. What’s more, sugar cane will grow back to its original yield in 12 months after cropping. Even better, bamboo grows back in only 6 months. These are rapidly renewable resources, incomparable to cutting down trees. With 300 2-ply sheets in every roll, absorbency, softness, and strength are not compromised. You’ll find that sugar cane and bamboo grass pulp makes for an even softer texture than the average recycled toilet paper while being as good as a 3-ply regular toilet paper.


Made from Sugar Cane and Bamboo Grass, whitened with hydrogen peroxide.

Is this toilet paper bleached?

Nope, this Tree-Free toilet paper is not bleached with toxic chemicals. However, it is whitened with Hydrogen peroxide, a more safe and natural alternative. Providing a fresh look to your bathroom, there is no forfeit on quality here.

Will this paper block up a septic tank?

This paper is septic tank safe. It is also compostable and marine biodegradable - we say a renegade of the toilet paper world!

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