Fruit Bliss - Organic Dried Fruits Multiple Choices

Fruit Bliss - Organic Dried Fruits Multiple Choices

Brand - Fruit Bliss
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Quick Description

Fruit Bliss Organic Dried Fruits are organic, sun-ripened fruits that have been steam hydrated for a soft blissful bite with every snack!

Key Information

  • Apricots, plums, figs, and dates are available.
  • Sun-ripened and innovatively steam hydrated for softness
  • Organic, non-GMO, and kosher
  • No added sugar

Product Overview

Dried fruit is a delicious snack, but only when it’s done right. And these Organic Dried Fruits from Fruit Bliss are definitely done right!

Fruit Bliss has processed these dried Turkish Apricots, French Agen Plums, Turkish Figs, and Deglet Nour Dates for optimum softness. They have been ripened in the sun and gently steam-hydrated to improve texture and fruity freshness.

Soft and juicy, these Fruit Bliss’ Organic Dried Fruits have no added sugar and are a healthy organic snack!

These dried fruits will stay fresh far longer than undried fruit without the need for preservatives. They’re the perfect sustainable choice for sourcing off-season fruits, or fruits not grown in your region.

Dried fruits also make great ingredients for baking and desserts. Find yourself a recipe and get baking!

Fruit Bliss Turkish Apricots - 1.76oz / 5oz

Turkey is famed for growing delicious apricots. Fruit Bliss Organic Dried Turkish Apricots are kept soft and juicy through the process of sun-ripening.

A daily portion of three or four dried apricots contains around a fifth of your daily fiber. Dried apricots also contain substantial levels of potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, and Vitamin B3.
Looking for a savory dish? Try adding to a Turkish pilaf rice recipe!

Fluit Bliss French Agen Plums - 1.76oz / 5oz

An excellent source of energy, rich in vitamins and fiber, these French Agen Plums are such a treat! The Agen region has been known for its plums since the practice of growing plum trees became established in the area through Greek and Roman influence. The method of sun-drying is also thought to have been introduced around the same time.

Try soaking these Agen Plums in Armagnac, and making the French Classic; Prune and Almond Tarte.

Fruit Bliss Turkish Figs - 1.76oz

Isn’t there something luxurious about figs? These Fruit Bliss Turkish Figs are still soft with a fruity texture, making a great standalone snack. They also taste great chopped and scattered into cereal, muesli, trail mix, and any other creations you can think of!

Fruit Bliss Deglet Nour Dates - 5oz

These sweet and gooey Deglet Nour Dates from Fruit Bliss are the real deal. “Deglet Nour” comes from the Arabic meaning “date-palm of light” or “heavenly date”. These dates are unique; grown from a date-palm cultivar that originated in the Algerian oasis of Tolga. They’re also known as the “queen of all dates” for their lightness, softness, and honey-like sweetness.
*May contain Pits


Fruit Bliss Turkish Apricots - 1.76oz / 5oz
Organic Dried Apricots, Water

Fruit Bliss French Agen Plums - 1.76oz / 5oz
Organic Dried Agen Plums, Water

Fruit Bliss Turkish Figs - 1.76oz
Organic Dried Turkish Figs, Water

Fruit Bliss Deglet Nour Dates - 5oz
Organic Dates, Water

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fruit Bliss Organic Dried Fruit as nutritious as fresh fruit?

Each piece of dried fruit contains roughly the same amount of nutrients as a piece of fresh fruit, but is more concentrated! Without the water weight, dried fruit can contain 3.5 times the fiber, vitamins, and minerals as fresh fruit. Fruit Bliss Organic Dried Fruit is a nutrient-dense boost of fruit power to fuel your day.

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