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Frey - Agriculturist' Red (NV), 750ml

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Quick Description

Frey’s Organic “Agriculturist” Red is one affable blend. Medium-bodied, with light tannins and a lengthy finish, this wine was made to match with food!

Key Information

  • Origins: Mendocino County, California, United States
  • Varietal: Red Blend
  • Grapes: Carignane, Syrah, Merlot
  • Vineyard: Frey Winery
  • Alcohol Content: 14%
  • Character: Medium-Bodied, with Prominent Notes of Plum
  • Pairing: Pair with Salads
  • Allergens: Contains sulfites.
  • Vegan Friendly
  • USDA Organic Certified
  • Biodynamic Certified

Product Overview

This ain’t just a pretty bottle. Inside you will find a versatile and highly drinkable wine that pairs with many types of food and suits any taste or mood! Frey’s Organic “Agriculturist” Red is crafted using a clever blend of grapes, some grown on their own vineyards and others procured from local organic growers.

A fruit-forward red table wine, with prominent notes of plum, would make a fine match for so many dishes. Merlot offers a delicate touch that makes it soft enough to not overpower vegan food. Try sipping alongside a salad of citrus, beetroot, and fennel to see what we mean. Light tannins and a long finish make this a wine that truly takes you from day to night, and hopefully feeling fresher the next morning from only naturally occurring sulfites!


Made from a blend of Carignane, Syrah, and Merlot. Contains sulfites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some wines made from a blend of grapes?

Wines are often made by blending different grape varieties together. Often, it will involve a process of trial and error, practising using different percentages of grapes until you hit that sweet, oh so sippable, spot.

The overarching goal is for each grape to accentuate the other, increasing complexity and building body. Just think of it like a magic potion, a careful concoction of ingredients that balance out to produce something even more powerful. In Frey’s Organic “Agriculturist” Red, Carignane builds structure, Syrah lends that gorgeous garnet hue and Merlot makes it gentle enough to drink even on its own. This is what we call a Bordeaux-style blend.

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Frey - Agriculturist' Red (NV), 750ml
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