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Fine & Raw - Sweet Hazelnut Butter Spread, 8oz

Fine & Raw - Sweet Hazelnut Butter Spread, 8oz

Brand - Fine & Raw
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Quick Description

Enjoy the delicious, creamy flavor of a hazelnut butter with none of the guilt, with Fine & Raw’s wonderfully smooth Sweet Hazelnut Butter Spread.

Key Information

  • Plant-based sweet hazelnut butter spread
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Free from soy and gluten
  • Kosher friendly and dairy-free
  • Sweetened with coconut sugar, no refined sugars

Product Overview

Nut butter lovers everywhere will want a taste of Fine & Raw’s Sweet Hazelnut Butter Spread. Smooth, rich, and with the lovely hazelnut flavor, you will want to replace the P in your PB&J. Truly a delectable spread, this hazelnut butter is sure to become a staple in your kitchen.

A wonderful addition to a smoothie or baked good, Fine & Raw’s Sweet Hazelnut Butter Spread will become your favorite ingredient. Get your creative juices flowing and try out this nut butter in savory meals if you want to give your dishes a sweet, nutty flavor.

Made with just two organic ingredients, hazelnuts, and coconut sugar, this wonderful spread is a fantastic plant-based nut butter alternative. Free from dairy, soy, and gluten, you can enjoy this by the spoonful. With absolutely no refined sugars, it is also a great kosher option.


Organic hazelnuts, organic coconut sugar.
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Hazelnuts, Coconut)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is coconut sugar a good alternative to cane sugar?

One of the main reasons why coconut sugar is used instead is because it is processed a lot less than cane sugar. Also compared to other sweeteners like granulated sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, coconut sugar has higher levels of iron, zinc, calcium, and antioxidants. Coconut sugar also contains good amounts of inulin, a type of dietary fiber.

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Fine & Raw - Sweet Hazelnut Butter Spread, 8oz
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