Artisana Organics - Raw Tahini, 14oz

Artisana Organics - Raw Tahini, 14oz

Brand - Artisana
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Quick Description

Artisana Organics Raw Tahini is a pure organic smooth and creamy butter great for salad dressings, baking, and many more. Raw, with no added sugar or salt.

Key Information 

  • Spreadable tahini
  • 100% Vegan 
  • Gluten-free
  • No added sugars, salt, or oils
  • Organic, Raw, Kosher, and Non-GMO

Product Overview

Artisana started in 2002 powered by a small team of inspired people in love with the process of making organic and raw nut butters. It proudly produces organic fair-trade products like Artisana Organics Raw Tahini.

Artisana Raw Tahini uses unroasted sesame seeds which makes a tahini flavor like no other. The nutty notes come straight from pure organic seeds through a certified R.A.W. processing method. They are never roasted, toasted, or baked- for a real sesame flavor.

Raw tahini is great for salad dressings, sauces, and even desserts. It’s a great replacement for peanut butter when it comes to baking, with no added oils, no added sugars, and no added salt.


Raw Organic Sesame Seeds
Allergens: Sesame

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Artisana Organics Raw Tahini cross-contaminated with peanuts at any stage?

Artisana Organics is 100% peanut-free. All of their jars of goodies including Artisana Raw Tahini are completely free of peanuts from the source to the jar. This makes all of its products suitable for those with nut allergies.

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