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Domaine Bousquet - Premium Rosé (2020 & 2019), 750ml & 375ml

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Quick Description

Two light and delicate Premium Rosés from Valle de Uco in Argentina. Explore the crisp and lively taste with the aromas of red fruits and cherries with these elegant varieties.

Key Information

  • Produced in Argentina
  • Premium Rosé
  • 2020 & 2019 varieties in 750ml and 375ml respectively
  • Lively with fresh acidity
  • Dry sweetness, light body
  • Ideal with five-spiced aubergine, topped with toasted almonds and orange vegan yogurt

Product Overview

Taking center stage in the latter part of the 20th century, Argentinian wineries are constantly pushing the envelope to create new, exciting flavors that are instantly refreshing. Domaine Bousquet has applied four generations of winemaking knowledge and expertise to crafting this rosé. Famous for its traditional velvety reds and cutting-edge winemaking techniques, Argentina is celebrated globally for its distinctive high-altitude vineyards. This unique terroir has attracted award-winning winemakers from all over the world who are seeking new and distinctive aromas and flavors.Now you can experience the magic of the Valle de Uco with this light and crisp vegan rosé.

Domaine Bousquet’s Premium Rosés showcase a special blend of pale pink color that creates a lasting impression from every nuanced sip of this charming wine. Add a few ice cubes to each glass to unlock the deeper impressions of this intricate wine and it will quickly become a part of your fondest memories with its fragrant peach bouquet. These wines are fantastic alongside the sweet courses of your meal. Serve alongside a vegan lemon cheesecake for the ultimate summer treat! Subtle, crisp, and fresh, Domaine Bousquet Premium Rosé enables the true expression of the beautifully pressed Argentinian grapes to linger long on your palate, unlocking the true flavor of your accompanying dish.

Premium Rosé (2020), 750ml

Domaine Bousquet presents an elegant peach rosé with aromas of red fruits and cherries. With a light body and lively acidity, this subtle and complex rosé encompasses all that you know and love from Premium Rosé but with a new French sensibility unique to Domaine Bousquet.

Premium Rosé (2019), 375ml

This uniquely individual Rosé is fermented in stainless steel tanks to preserve the grapes and fruits of the wine. Gentle aromas of red fruits and cherries shine through with each sip, the gentle orange peel notes enhancing every bite of your accompanying meal. Ideal as an accompaniment to sharing platters and the perfect companion for a hot summer’s day.


100% Premium Rosé.

Allergens: Contains sulfites

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I pair the 2020 & 2019 Domaine Bousquet Premium Rosé with?

These rosés are vivid and unique vegan wines that produce sweet cherry overtones. Our customers suggested we pair them with a delicious five-spiced aubergine dish. Topped off with toasted almonds and orange vegan yogurt, this makes for a beautiful, light lunch. Top tip! Drizzle some honey over your grilled aubergine for extra sweetness. Domaine Bousquet Premium Rosé is best enjoyed alongside sweet and dessert treats! This elegant rosé is perfect for sharing with family and friends, especially on a wonderful warm summer evening. Enjoy!

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