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Domaine Bousquet - Premium Cabernet Sauvignon (2019 & 2018), 750ml & 375ml

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Premium Cabernet Sauvignon from the Uco Valley, with the vinified elegance of the French paired with a modern unoaked take allowing bold fruits to persist.

Key Information

  • Produced in Argentina
  • Premium Cabernet Sauvignon
  • No synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers
  • Organic and sustainable
  • Low tannin

Product Overview

Domaine Bousquet’s premium series seeks to excel and challenge, offering dynamic ripeness which is harnessed through the family tradition of winemaking. Paired with the unique position and high altitude of Mendoza that boast ideal wine growing conditions, the result is an exuberant wine that lingers on the palate. The deep red and purple color of the Premium Cabernet Sauvignon reflects the intense nose of red berry fruit and sweet spice.

Throughout this premium wine, the taste develops and is largely open in style allowing mineral, cherry, and currant fruit paired with refreshing acidity to mediate the balance of bold flavors. The palate is ripe, with concentrated fruit flavors with notes of tobacco and black pepper. The organic stature of the wine is reflected through its low tannin grade. This unique high-caliber new world wine is aged in French and American oak for 6 months and then 4 months in bottle, to give it the exquisite edge like no other. Domaine Bousquet produces natural wines with a motive towards sustainability using no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers in their vineyard. Farming organically adds to the land's biodiversity, which in their words nourishes the land and produces the better fruit to make their top-ranking wine.

Premium Cabernet Sauvignon (2019), 750ml - Argentina

Each vintage bottle reflects the climate of the year it was made. The 2019 Premium Cabernet Sauvignon is dry, bold, and tannic, with a fruity aroma that brims with personality, yet retaining the berry, oaky flavors typical for the premium series. Voted among the top 7% of all wines in the world, this one is certainly a winner.

Premium Cabernet Sauvignon (2018), 375ml - Argentina

This is a refined, stylish, and slightly longer aged red. A prominent number from the premium series, this bottle is ideal to take out on al fresco dinner with your favorite people, they'll be surely left impressed.


100 % Cabernet Sauvignon Contains sulfites

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I pair Domaine Bousquet’s Premium Cabernet Sauvignon with?

This wine was made to be paired with food, the natural balance and bold ripe fruitiness of this wine will bring out bold flavors. Suggested pairings are mushrooms, pasta, risotto, and slow-roasted vegetables.

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