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Domaine Bousquet - "Gaia" Malbec (2018), 750ml - Argentina

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Quick Description

Domaine Bousquet’s Gaia line delivers an organic and full-bodied 2018 Malbec with blackcurrant, cherry, and licorice notes, good balance, and lasting mouthfeel.

Key Information

  • Vegan
  • Organic grapes
  • Produced in Argentina’s Mendoza region
  • Full-bodied and off-dry
  • Polished with blackcurrant and plum notes

Product Overview

Domaine Bousquet’s Gaia line presents a richly fruity 2018 Malbec with a clean bouquet of blackcurrant, licorice, and vanilla on the nose, and beautiful violet color. This wine starts softly but further sips reveal it to be juicy, well-balanced, and polished, with intense, jammy characters. Ripe tannins bring acidity while rich, spicy top notes of tobacco, anise, and pepper lend it a persistent finish. This Malbec is produced from 100% organic fruit grown at 4000ft in Argentina’s Mendoza region.

The high altitudes bring large changes in day-night temperatures, which delivers a well-structured and balanced grape. Crafted by the Bousquet family within the French tradition and aged in French oak for up to 10 months, this wine brings together the best of Old and New World winemaking. Decant for an hour to open it up and serve with rich, earthy dishes such as warming lentil bolognese, or spicy chipotle eggplant.


  • 100% Malbec
  • Contains sulfites

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Domaine Bousquet’s organic farming influence the flavor of its wines?

Domaine Bousquet is dedicated to sustainable farming that improves the biodiversity of its vineyards. Renowned for organic wines produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, the Domaine Bousquet family believes that a healthy vineyard delivers a better grape. Organically grown grapes deliver a lower yield with an intensified flavor concentration that expresses the character of the local terroir. Domaine Bousquet credits the trace minerals naturally occurring in Argentinian soil with its wine’s authentic regional taste. Their Gaia range is no different. Named after the ancestral mother of the Earth in Greek mythology, this environmentally-friendly wine truly walks the walk.

Client Reviews

Domaine Bousquet - "Gaia" Malbec (2018), 750ml - Argentina
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