Cymbiotika - Golden Mind Advanced Brain Nutrients Formula

Cymbiotika - Golden Mind Advanced Brain Nutrients Formula

Brand - Cymbiotika
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Quick Description

Cymbiotika’s Golden Mind Advanced Brain Nutrients Formula will bring you optimum brain health, focus, memory, and performance. With organic nutrients only.

Key Information

  • Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Sugar-Free, Keto
  • Organic ingredients
  • Made in a GMP Organic Certified lab
  • Non-GMO
  • Absolutely no chemicals, heavy metals, Mycotoxins, and common allergens

Product Overview

Are you looking for a supplement to spark your peak mental performance with the power of natural ingredients? Cymbiotika’s Golden Mind is formulated to strengthen the structure of the brain, improve memory, reduce brain fog, and enhance your well-being. Cymbiotica combines nature’s finest adaptogenic and nootropic nutrients backed by research and clinical trials with its bio-active Micelle delivery technology.

It is a formula that works at a cellular level that enables the nutrients to reach the brain (past the blood-brain barrier) and charge the cells, supporting your brain and peace of mind. Mother nature’s finest adaptogenic nootropic herbs such as Bacopa powder, Sea Buckthorn, and Gotu Kola are known to improve cognitive performance and support a healthy brain and mind. You could be saying goodbye to fatigue.

Designed to protect against cognitive decline, Cymbiotika Golden Mind has an abundance of Omega 3,6,7,9 essential fatty acids known to protect and support the brain. The magic herb Gotu Kola encourages brain cell growth and dendrite branching to give you the best long-term brainpower. Golden Mind is a bioactive technology with natural ingredients only, no chemicals or synthetics. Feed your brain with completely organic, trusted nutrients. Pure as gold!


750mg Proprietary Liposomal Matrix consisting of phosphatidylcholine, (phospholipid used to create liposomes), Lions Mane Powder Extract, Rodiola Rosea, L-Theanine, Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil, Gotu Kola Extract, Green Tea Extract, American Ginseng, Bacopa Powder Extract, Ocean Minerals

Other ingredients Purified Water, Organic Coconut Glycerin, Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, Organic Vitamin E (as Alpha Tocopherol), Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Clove Oil, Organic Cinamon Oil and less than 1% of Gum Acacia and Non- GMO Citric Acid (pH adjuster to assure freshness), Organic Monk Fruit Extract

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Side Effects For Cymbiotika - Golden Mind Advanced Brain Nutrients Formula?

Golden Mind is completely safe and free from side effects. This natural formula contains only trustworthy ingredients.

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