BioSteel - Plant Amino Power BCAA+ Assorted Flavors

BioSteel - Plant Amino Power BCAA+ Assorted Flavors

Brand - BioSteel
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Quick Description

Achieve professional performance every time with Biosteel’s Plant Amino Power BCAA+. The ideal 3:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, now available in Berry Fusion and Citrus Twist.

Key Information

  • 3:1:1 ratio of BCAAs
  • Fermented plant-based amino acids
  • Supports muscle growth and muscle protein synthesis
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Free from GMOs, Gluten, Soy, Caffeine, and Sugar

Product Overview

Looking to up your gains without it costing the earth? Biosteel is here to help. Harness 100% plant power with their innovative range of fermented branch chain amino acids (or BCAAs.) Each pack contains a 3:1:1 ratio of your essential amino acids - Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine - suggested by scientists and enjoyed by you! These BCAAs, combined with a healthy diet and exercise, can support muscle growth and protein synthesis, meaning they help your body to move and repair any damage quickly and efficiently, so you can work hard and feel good.

What’s more, while other BCAAs on the market use animal fur and feathers in their recipes, BioSteel is completely plant-based, for a supplement you can trust - without things getting hairy! Build stronger and leaner muscles, reduce soreness and manage exercise fatigue from the very first dose. Simply mix 1–2 scoops daily with 8–16 oz of cold water or beverage of your choice and you’re on your way. You can vary the amount of liquid for a taste and consistency that best suits you.

Berry Fusion

A flawless blend of watermelon, pomegranate, cherry and more to give your drink and your performance the kick that it needs!

Citrus Twist

Give your workout some zest with the tasty Citrus Twist flavor. A sweet treat and an instant power-up!


L-Leucine 1824 mg L-Isoleucine 608 mg L-Valine 608 mg L-Glutamine 1500 mg

Berry Fusion: Citric acid, stevia leaf extract, beet root powder, watermelon juice powder, natural flavor, tart cherry juice powder, malic acid, coconut water powder, pomegranate juice powder, silicon dioxide, sunflower lecithin.

Citrus Twist: Citric acid, stevia leaf extract, beet root powder, watermelon juice powder, natural flavor, tart cherry juice powder, coconut water powder, pomegranate juice powder, malic acid, silicon dioxide, beta carotene (color), sunflower lecithin.

Allergy Warning: Contains coconut. This product was made in a facility that also processes milk, sesame, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, egg, fish/crustaceans/shellfish oils, and wheat products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Plant Amino Power work?

Branch chain amino acids are the building blocks your body uses to make proteins, which help make and repair cells, as well as aiding growth and development. According to new research, BCAAs can also help to regulate your blood sugar levels and even control the production of serotonin in your brain, helping you to manage fatigue. However, your body can’t make these amino acids on its own, making them essential consumption as part of your diet. Plant Amino Power provides all 3 essential acids in an easy dissolvable powder, for the perfect addition to your regular workout drink.

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