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Barnana - Plantain Chips Acapulco Lime, 5oz

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Everything you love about chips, now in a crunchier, tastier, and healthier snack form. Barnana Plantain Chips are made with just a few simple ingredients to make sure you get all the goodness of healthy and nutritious plant based ingredients without any hidden preservatives or GMOs. Barnana Acapulco Lime Plaintain Chips are made with plantains for a delicious, convenient, and flavorful snack. The banana is mother nature's energy bar, so let it power your snacking! Paleo friendly, vegan, Kosher, and grain-free. Barnana Plantain chips also contain absolutely no added sugars for a snack that only contains wholesome all natural ingredients. Taste the beauty of lime and salt mingling together on these crispy crunchy plantain chips. Perfect for salsas or your favorite guac recipe.


Plantains, Coconut Oil, Cassava Maltodextrin, Lime Juice Concentrate, Parsley.

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Barnana - Plantain Chips Acapulco Lime, 5oz
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