Acid League - Strawberry Rosé Living Vinegar, 12.7 fl oz

Acid League - Strawberry Rosé Living Vinegar, 12.7 fl oz

Brand - Acid League
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Quick Description

Raw and unfiltered, Acid League’s Strawberry Rosé Living Vinegar is fresh, fruity, and full of prebiotic cultures. Great for your gut and dazzling on the tongue. 

Key Information

  • Strawberry and rosé vinegar
  • Raw and unfiltered
  • Filled with prebiotic cultures 
  • Great for salads and desserts

Product Overview

You’ve seen white and red wine vinegar - but what about rosé? Satisfy your curious tastebuds with Acid League’s Strawberry Rosé Living Vinegar.

Raw and unfiltered, the best of the rosé and strawberry flavors are allowed to shine through in this living vinegar. Filled with prebiotic cultures, your gut can reap all the benefits of fermentation while you enjoy the endless culinary possibilities a rose vinegar offers!

Fruity and floral but with a tangy sour kick, this Rosé Living Vinegar is the perfect complement to a summery fruit and vegetable salad (think a vegan Waldorf or grilled peaches), or barbequed tofu skewers. You can even use it for dessert - try on ice cream, yogurt, or in a fruit smoothie!


Rosé Wine, Strawberry Juice, Living Bacterial Culture

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the bits in my Acid League Vinegar?

Acid League makes its Living Vinegar with a Living Vinegar mother in every bottle. You may see sediment floating in the bottles, but not to worry! It’s a mix of this living mother and the pulp of fresh produce which has been used to make the vinegar.

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