Even though they're made with plant-based alternatives, vegan marshmallows still have the same taste and texture as those you’re already used to! So feel free to roast them on a roaring campfire or pop them into your warm mug of cocoa.

If you love vegan marshmallows as much as we do, then we bet you’re familiar with Dandies! These vegan marshmallows come in an assortment of sizes and a range of tasty flavors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Vegan Marshmallows Melt The Same?

Vegan marshmallows are specially designed to melt just like traditional gelatin marshmallows. Gelatin-free, dairy-free, gluten-free marshmallows that are plant-based can melt just like we all want over a fire or in the baking oven, it just takes a little precision in the formula. All of the vegan marshmallows available on PlantX have had just that attention and will melt up a dream!

The best vegan marshmallows will roast, bake, cook, melt, squish, and stretch just like traditional gelatin marshmallows - there really is nothing gelatin marshmallows can do that gelatin-free marshmallow can’t!

Do Vegan Marshmallows Taste Different?

Vegan marshmallows, like regular marshmallows, mostly taste the sugars and flavorings used to make them as the binding, gelling, and rising agents (carrageenan in vegan marshmallows, gelatin otherwise) are flavorless.

For this reason, vanilla vegan marshmallows taste just like vanilla gelatin marshmallows and strawberry vegan marshmallows taste like strawberry gelatin marshmallows. 

The difference in quality between fine cane sugar and cheap processed sugar will also be noticeable but in such cases, the difference in flavor is down to the sugars and flavor agents used, rather than the vegan or non-vegan nature of the marshmallow.

The best vegan marshmallows will taste just like the best traditional gelatin marshmallows!

Do Vegan Marshmallows Contain Gelatin?

Vegan marshmallows do not contain gelatin. Gelatin is produced by boiling the skins, ligaments, tendons, and bones of animals, usually cows and pigs. Gelatin is an animal product, so vegan marshmallows must replace it.

Most vegan marshmallows use carrageenan derived from edible red seaweed. The best vegan marshmallows will use the same ingredients as the best gelatin marshmallows, except for the animal-derived products which will be replaced with soy protein and carrageenan. So the flavors will be nearly identical!

Do Vegan Marshmallows Roast Well?

When we think of marshmallows the first thing we think of, before hot chocolate toppings and baked pies, is sitting around a campfire stick-in-hand. If a vegan marshmallow doesn’t roast like a gelatin marshmallow then it isn’t a very good alternative, is it? Fear not!

Vegan marshmallows are designed to behave just like gelatin marshmallows as much as possible. This means your delicious, camp-fire roasted marshmallows and s’mores are still going to roast perfectly and be just as delicious as the animal-based version. 

The best vegan marshmallows will melt, roast, bake, and cook just like traditional gelatin marshmallows.