Supernatural – PlantX US
Supernatural - Organic Coconut Sugar, 16oz
Derived from coconut palm sap, this healthy sugar substitute naturally has inulin, a dietary fiber that improves digestive health and helps control diabetes. Key Information Made from coconut sap Low glycemic sugar substitute, has inulin For seasoning and cooking Tastes...
Supernatural - Starfetti Sprinkles, 3oz
You have the rainbow in your hands when you have Starfetti! With multi-colored stars and sequins, this crunchy vegan sprinkle is sure to make people smile. Key Information Naturally-colored with plant extracts No soy, gluten, palm oil, artificial dyes or...
Supernatural - Rainbow Pop Sprinkles, 3oz
Loves sprinkles, hate artificial colors? We do too! Made from 100% natural colorings, Supernatural’s Rainbow Pop Sprinkles are the perfect cake topper. Key Information Sprinkle on smoothie bowls and vegan baked goods Free from soy, palm oil and confectioner’s glaze...
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