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Supernatural - Plant-Based Food Colors, 1.4oz

Supernatural - Plant-Based Food Colors, 1.4oz

Brand - Supernatural
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Quick Description

These Supernatural Plant-Based Food Colors have natural intense pigments suitable for baking and creative projects. It’s hypoallergenic and safe for pets too.

Key Information

  • Vibrant, plant-based colors
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Safe for pets
  • No gluten, soy and artificial dyes
  • Kosher
  • Tasteless

Product Overview

These intense food coloring powders have concentrated natural colors that would make your holiday cookies look several shades better. Made with plant-based pigments, these are safe for most people and pets, and can be used in a variety of applications.

Making cupcakes?

One packet is enough for up to two cups of vibrant frosting. 

Have fun mixing your own colors with the bright Pomegranate, Yellow and Orange powders. Add a bit of wizardry with the Magic Blackberry and make blue pigment with water, pink with lemon juice, and purple with milk. You’ll surely love this Supernatural dye.

Does it taste like veggies?

These plant-based food colors are tasteless and will not alter the taste of your recipe.

And this food coloring is not just for food. Use this hypoallergenic dye for adding color to DIY cosmetics, toy clay, slime and many more!


Pomegranate Red
Vegetable Juice (from cabbage) and Beta Carotene 

Beta Carotene 

Magic Blackberry: 
Vegetable Juice (from cabbage)

Beta Carotene

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the colors stay vibrant when used in baking?

The Yellow and Orange powders are heat-resistant colors, and adding them to your batter will allow you to produce a colored cake. However, Magic Blackberry and Pomegranate may slightly fade when exposed to heat, so getting the right shade might take some trial and error. When used in frosting, on the other hand, the powders remain stable and retain their original colors.

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Supernatural - Plant-Based Food Colors, 1.4oz
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