Healthy and Tasty Vegan Snacks for Summer

Healthy and Tasty Vegan Snacks for Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to round up your friends, fire up the BBQ, and get the sun loungers out! A long afternoon of drinks in the sun wouldn’t be complete without this essential component: delicious vegan snacks! Grab some bowls and fill ‘em up with these moreish treats, to keep your guests smiling throughout the day.

It’s especially important not to feel sluggish after enjoying vegan snacks in summer. The hot weather can be tiring enough by itself! That’s why we’ve brought together a fun list of healthy vegan snacks that won’t give you an energy crash or leave you feeling bloated and slow.

The best snacks for vegans can be colorful, delicious, and even nutritious! Read on for some healthy vegan snack inspiration, and you’ll be the life and soul of the summer party in no time. If parties aren’t your thing, you can stick to enjoying these vegan snacks solo, or taking a bag of ‘em to work.

Read on to discover the 10 top vegan snacks to enjoy this summer, and let PlantX deliver them straight to your door!

10 Best Vegan Snacks For Summer

10 Best Vegan Snacks For Summer

1. Primal Strips - Vegan Meatless Jerky Strips - Texas BBQ, 1oz


Primal Strips - Vegan Meatless Jerky Strips - Texas BBQ, 1oz


Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the savory delight that is jerky. Primal Strips makes theirs from all-natural plant-based ingredients such as soy, mushrooms, and seitan. It has a soft and satisfying texture that is a little less tough and chewy than animal-based jerky. The Texas BBQ flavor is one of our favorites and has the perfect balance of sweet and umami. A chewtastic healthy vegan snack that will convert even the most diehard jerky fans!

2. Vegan Rob’s - Beet Puffs

Vegan Rob's - Beet Puffs, 3.5oz

You can think of Vegan Rob’s puffs range as a healthy version of Cheetos. These beet puffs are a wonderful purple color and are made from sorghum grain powder and beet powder. Unlike Cheetos, they don’t contain MSG or artificial colorings, they don’t dye your fingers orange, and they don’t stick to your teeth! If your kids love Cheetos but you don’t want them consuming all those nasty artificial ingredients, this healthy vegan snack will be sure to keep them happy!

3. Ella’s Flats - All Seed Savory Crisps

Ella's Flats - All Seed Savory Crisps, 6oz

You’re not going to find a cracker with more nutritious seeds crammed into it than Ella’s Flats. In fact, asides from some seasoning, they’re pretty much entirely made from seeds. They’re suitable for a keto or paleo diet, and they are a great source of fiber and protein. They taste awesome as they are, but you can also top them with loads of tasty things such as avocado, hummus, nut butter, or vegan cheese. You won’t find a better crunch!

4. Candy People - VegoBears

Candy People - VegoBears

Candy People are a Swedish company who makes high-quality and innovative candies that are loved all over the world. Their sweet VegoBears come in three flavors: Malibu, Venice Beach, and Santa Monica. Malibu is pink foamy bears that are flavored with cherry and raspberry. Venice Beach is sour gummies flavored with lemon, apple, and pineapple. Santa Monica is flavored with banana, pineapple, and strawberry. The flavors and colors come from organic fruits and berries and, unlike most candies, they don’t contain any artificial additives.

5. PigOut - Pork Rinds Hella Hot

PigOut - Pork Rinds Hella Hot, 3.5oz

Pork rinds but plant-based? Yup, you heard it right! These puffy, crunchy snacks are made with clean, plant-based ingredients. If you’ve recently switched to a vegan diet but are missing your pork rind snacks, or looking to reduce your meat intake, PigOut is here to save the day. Flavored with paprika and habanero pepper, these moreish puffs will deliver a subtle heat to your mouth. Oh, and did you know they were crafted by Dave Anderson, the chef who created Beyond Burger? These are healthy vegan snacks made with love and care.

6. Barnana - Coconut Chewy Banana Bites

Barnana - Coconut Chewy Banana Bites, 1.41oz

These chewy coconut banana bites are made with what Barnarna calls ‘upcycled bananas’. What does that mean? By ‘upcycling’ they mean that they take the bananas that would have otherwise ended up in the trash because they wouldn’t have survived the long journey to the market. Barnarna works with a small Latin-American farm, turning bananas into these tasty snacks so that nothing ends up wasted. They also have 5 different wholesome snacks! And good news - the only ingredients these healthy vegan snacks contain are organic bananas and organic coconuts!

7. Joolies - Organic California Medjool Dates

Joolies - Organic California Medjool Dates, 1.4oz

If you haven’t tried Medjool dates yet, you’re missing out. Medjool dates are chewy and soft, with the flavor of caramel. Succulent and sweet, these are homegrown in California. They’re not dried - these are fresh fruits! If you’re looking for a naturally sweet treat, Joolie’s is the vegan snack choice for you. They’re great for keeping in your bag in case hunger strikes and you need a pick-me-up. Medjool dates are called the ‘king of dates’ for a reason!

8. Living Intentions - Tandoori Turmeric Popcorn

Living Intentions - Tandoori Turmeric Popcorn, 4oz

If you’re looking for flavored popcorn with a difference, look no further than the amazing Living Intentions. This vegan snack contains live probiotic cultures and superfood goodness from turmeric and ashwagandha extract. Every bite is bursting with the flavors of paprika, turmeric, coriander, cumin, garlic, and chilies, and will transport you to New Delhi! It’s light and fluffy, with the perfect crunch. Living Intentions claim to have created a paradigm shift within the popcorn world, and we would agree. There are only 137 calories per serving, but we’ve been known to eat more than one serving!

9. Rhythm Superfoods - Organic Kale Chips

Rhythm Superfoods - Organic Kale Chips (GF), 2oz

These fantastic kale chips come in three different flavors: Original, Kool Ranch, and Zesty Nacho. They use kale that has been gently dehydrated so as to preserve its nutrients such as vitamins A and K. They’re made with only organic, natural ingredients, and flavored to perfection with sea salt, herbs, and spices. This is a healthy vegan snack that is as satisfying as a bag of chips but brings you way more natural goodness. They’re so good even those who don’t like kale will love these!

10. Brami - Italian Snacking Lupini Beans

Brami - Italian Snacking Lupini Beans

Have you heard of lupini beans before? The lupini bean is one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet. And good news for keto dieters, it’s the only bean that contains 0g net carbs per serving! Eat them straight from the bag or add them to salads or stir fry, they’re a great way to add some extra protein and fiber to your diet. They’re pickled, not fried, so they retain their awesome nutrients. This is a snack that definitely won’t make you feel sluggish or guilty after! Oh, and they come in four mouthwatering flavors: Sea Salt, Garlic & Herb, Chili & Lime, and Hot Pepper.

Hungry yet?

Sometimes we all need a little helping hand to get us through the day, and these vegan snacks will do just that. They’ll keep you going till your next meal, without making you feel guilty. And you don’t need to miss out on taste because of a plant-based diet! These vegan snacks taste decadent but keep the calories low and the nutrients high.

Whether you want to throw some in a bag to enjoy whilst out and about or store a range in the pantry in case friends drop by, you won't regret buying these delicious vegan snacks.

Finally, we snackaholics can embrace our grazing habits without feeling regret. We’d love to know what your favorite vegan snack is if you can decide!