What Cereals Are Vegan? A Guide to Choosing the Best Vegan Cereal Brands

What Cereals Are Vegan? A Guide to Choosing the Best Vegan Cereal Brands

Cereal is one of the modern world’s greatest food creations. It is the perfect morning food. It’s relatively light, sweet, crunchy, and refreshing when served with some cold milk. It’s super easy and fast to make as well, proving to be a worthy helping hand to parents and families around the world. Cereal is much more than just a breakfast food though, its probably the perfect snack.

The main criticism for cereal is that it is unhealthy, and this has largely been the case up until now. Cereals are normally high in sugar, high in calories, and high in fats. They also tend to have quite a few preservatives in them that have some hidden potential health implications.

This may all sound quite gloomy if you’re a cereal lover, though times have changed! There are so many brands now that take a more health-conscious approach. Cereal is in a much better place now. There are a plethora of nutrient-dense, health-focused options to choose from.

As vegans, this is amazing news as many of these options are vegan. Some of the best vegan cereal brands aren’t even marketed as vegan! Some of the best plant-based cereal on the market is enjoyed by people who follow a myriad of diets. We will show you some examples of the best vegan cereal brands, the best vegan cereal for weight loss, along with some other fun facts.

At PlantX, we acknowledge there are many different branches of veganism. Many people follow more specific diets that work for them, so we will attempt to highlight options for a range of different diets.

Nature’s Path Kamut Puffs

When trying to answer what cereals are vegan? You might think of something like this. This puffed Kamut from Nature’s Path is simple, pure, and delicious. Organic Kamut Khorasan grains are picked and puffed up to create this delicious vegan cereal with just one ingredient.

This is such a breath of fresh air from other options we’ve seen in the past. You’ll be shocked to read the ingredients list of a mainstream cereal product. This reading list is a thing of the past with amazing products like this. We love adding these to some sweetened almond milk for a lovely, refreshing bowl of cereal.

Catalina Crunch

Now we get on to options with a bit more varied flavors. The hardest part of adopting a new diet is realizing what foods you can no longer eat. It is a truly difficult process to say goodbye to foods we used to love. For people that follow a keto diet, a big part of this might be cereal. Traditional cereal is packed with grains and carbs that don’t work in ketosis.

Throw this mentality out the window with this incredible cereal from Catalina Crunch. This cereal has zero grains and is totally keto-friendly! There is 0 sugar, 9g of fiber, and 11g of protein in every serving. This is absolutely amazing! We love having a bowl of these as a sweet treat when we’re trying to curb our sugar cravings.

Seven Sundays

Seven Sundays make some of the best plant-based cereal. They are one of those companies that don’t even market their cereal as vegan, it is simply a wonderful result of their alchemy. They have a wonderful range of flavors including berry, chocolate, and cinnamon. Each of their products contains real ingredients that you can taste in every bite.

The best vegan breakfast cereals should all work with a range of milk, and that's what Seven Sunday’s products do. They have so much flavor that seeps into the milk and creates a delicious drink at the end of every bowl. These amazing cereals have around 5g of protein and 170 calories per serving.

These cereals aren’t as ideal for bodybuilders or people trying to follow high-protein diets, though they are amazing for kids and adults alike. Having any of these cereals on hand will curb your family’s snack cravings in an instant.


Kashi - Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal, 13.2oz
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Cluster Cereals are one of the very best vegan breakfast cereals. The compact, crunchy balls that explode in crunchy deliciousness in every bite is inexplicably delightful. We absolutely love having a bowl of these in our morning routine.

Kashi makes one of our absolute favorite products. This peanut butter-flavored crunch cereal has a tantalizingly creamy peanut butter texture that only elevates the incredible crunch of the clusters. Add it to some oat milk for an unforgettable meal.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about some of our very favorite vegan cereal brands. Some of these are among the best vegan cereal for weight loss, others are just fantastic brands to have around the house. At PlantX, we always aim to have options for every diet and occasion on our website. Shop now for the best plant-based cereals.