Plant-Based Revolution: How the Industry Is Transforming the Food Landscape

Plant-Based Revolution: How the Industry Is Transforming the Food Landscape

The plant-based and vegan food industry is booming. Since being a fringe ideology and diet a few decades ago, this diet has become a common and adored way of living in this century. Particularly in the last few years, veganism has become more and more common with most of the world having a good understanding of what it is.

The Plant-Based revolution has cemented its place in the world now that many of the world’s leading food brands have plant-based items on their menu. The plant-based industry spans far wider than local health shops these days with major supermarkets and restaurants having dedicated vegan and plant-based sections.

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There are many other aspects to this plant-based revolution. We will highlight some of the key contributors to this revolution and all the benefits they are providing.


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The first step the plant-based food industry has had to take is releasing important information about the issues surrounding veganism. The fact that conventional Western diets could be causing more harm then good in many situations will have been news to some people. The fact that there are hidden ingredients in certain animal products is also important info that needs to be shared.

As well as this, information surrounding animal welfare is important. Consumers are only recently being made aware of how their mass-produced animal products are made, including all of the suffering that occurs. Information such as this gives consumers the ability to choose how they want to live their lives, with many opting to go for a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Information has been relayed in a variety of ways. Big documentary films have made a huge impact, often debunking certain myths and preconceptions that we might have. These myths include the fact that a vegan diet is bad for us, that you cannot perform as optimally on a vegan diet, and that animal agriculture is not harming the planet.

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

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The imagined big drawback for most non-vegans about the vegan diet is that it is too different from conventional ones. An imagined lack of protein and meat-like elements is a big drawback for many. This has completely gone out the window in recent years. The level of plant-based meat alternatives has skyrocketed in recent years.

From the early days of cardboard-like to mind-blowingly realistic substitutes of recent years have changed the whole landscape. You can pretty much get every single kind of meat in vegan form nowadays, from vegan chicken, to steak, to meatballs, to fish, and beyond! This has made the transition to veganism so much easier for people.

Several key brands have contributed to this phenomenon. The first was Beyond Meat. They produced pea protein-made vegan meats that taste incredible. They are generally gluten and soy-free, making them suitable for a wider range of consumers.

The second was the Impossible burger. Revolutionary technology brought his burger to the fore in recent times, with many brands serving it up as a very close alternative to beef. This burger is enjoyed by vegetarians, vegans, and even meat eaters.

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Plant Milks

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Another similar issue to the meat issue is the milk issue. Plant milk for coffee, cereal, sauces, and children are held sacred. This issue has gone so far in the other direction that many people that still eat animal products prefer plant milk

Plant milk used to generally be made from soy. Soy can be quite an invasive crop and so it is important that as a world, we reduce our soy requirement. However, brands have found a way of making milk out of pretty much anything! Oat milk is a recent craze, alongside pea milk and coconut milk. 

All of these milk have different strengths and flavors that we can use as completely separate ingredients. This has given extra flexibility and deliciousness to our cooking. Many plant milks are fortified with added vitamins and minerals that make them extra nutritious.

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Environmental Issues

environment issues

The call for action has arrived. The plant-based revolution is sitting upon the shoulders of the impending climate crisis that we are faced with. There are so many issues that are accruing as a result of rising temperatures it is hard to keep track. One thing that is a huge impact on this issue is consuming animal products.

Many people choose to avoid animal products with regularity in the hope to reduce their environmental impact. This is mostly a result of the plant-based food industry helping to spread the benefits of their products.

Desire For Change

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As veganism is so new, it is constantly changing. And as much as it is changing, it is advocating for change. This puts this movement in the position where it has to be flexible, constantly wanting to practice what it preaches. By being this way, the plant-based movement is always able to change in a way that best suits animals and the environment.

The plant-based movement is generally self-aware. By learning about how harmful animal products are to the world, you inevitably learn the dangers of soy, palm oil, etc. This gives vegans a mindset of constantly wanting a better way of doing things. The desire for an ideal world is what drives this movement.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the driving factors behind the plant-based revolution. The future is in our hands and we believe those hands are capable of changing the world. At PlantX, we aim to help make your transition to/maintenance of a vegan diet easy and enjoyable. Shop for the best vegan products online today!