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Plant-Based Meat Breakdown: Beyond, Impossible, and Others!

Plant-Based Meat Breakdown: Beyond, Impossible, and Others!

While many vegans, vegetarians, and other plant-based people are perfectly happy to live without meat, at PlantX we know that even the most dedicated vegetarians and vegans can miss the taste of a burger once in a while. This is made clear by the huge popularity of the recently introduced plant-based meats, the most famous of which are Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. From the first bite you can tell that this type of meat substitute is different from previously available products, but it’s hard to tell what exactly they’re made of! At PlantX, eating healthy is just as important to us as is eating plant-based, so in this blog post we’ll be diving into what these meat substitutes are made of so you can be sure what you’re eating is good for you.   Meat analogues have a long history, as far back as 100 BCE. Those early foods like tofu and wheat gluten products originated in East Asia, and were commonly eaten by Buddhists who did not eat meat. Tofu has also historically been eaten alongside meat! Made from soy, tofu has inspired a number of brands of meat substitute products to use soybeans. Soy is a popular choice as a meat replacement due to its high protein content, and is the main ingredient in Impossible Meat. More recent innovations like Beyond have replaced or combined soy with pea protein isolate, a similar plant product. We can be sure that these meat substitutes are vegan, but the question of how they’re made can still be confusing. While the production processes of both Beyond and Impossible are not fully available to the public, it’s important to know that despite their branding as a natural, organic food, they are still considered processed! If you’re the type of person who likes to keep their diet minimally processed then you’ll need to do your research.   With all this info in mind, PlantX’s top choice for plant-based meat is definitely Vancouver local Modern Meat. Modern Meat uses their own unique recipes that have no GMO foods, no soy, and no gluten. Modern Meat even offers plant-based meats that aren’t available from other producers, like the “Crab” Cakes found in PlantX’s meal delivery service! These unique recipes use ingredients like white root vegetables for “Crab” Cakes, and sun-dried tomatoes for flavorful Greek Meatballs. Take a look at PlantX’s meal delivery page to find out for yourself how good Modern Meat can be!  


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