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Make Sandwiches More Delicious with Vegan Deli Meat

Make Sandwiches More Delicious with Vegan Deli Meat

We’ve all been there. Craving a deli sandwich. Just desperate for the rich flavor of a hunger-busting meal. Maybe it’s a bagel. Maybe it’s a roll. Or maybe it’s a door-stopper hero you’re in the mood for. But for so long the only kinds of deli sandwiches available have been packed with old-fashioned deli meat. Full of animal products that just aren’t good for your body and your planet. 

And so the vegans have had to abstain. But not any longer. We introduce to you (drum roll)... vegan deli meat! 

So what is it? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Thin slices of delicious sandwich fillers without a single trace of animal product. Our vegan deli meat is made from all the best plant-based products out there: soy, seaweed, rice, proteins, and legumes. So next time you are craving a deli sandwich, all you need to do is reach for some of our plant-based deli meat.

Why Choose Vegan Deli Meat? 

Why Choose Vegan Deli Meat?

So why eat vegan deli meat? There really are so many reasons. First up, it’s great for you. These days you can buy products that are packed full of plant-based goodness. Whether that’s a high vitamin count, healthy proteins, or a super-low fat content, it’s easy to find vegan deli meat that will be kind to your body. Gone are the days when a deli sandwich was an indulgence you might regret in the morning. These days you can be enjoying top-quality plant-based deli meat AND treat your body with respect at the same time. 

Secondly, vegan deli meat is so much better for the environment. You are removing yourself from the destructive consumer chains associated with animal products, and all the while you are enjoying the best vegan deli meat out there. 

Oh, and that leads to the third point. Vegan deli meat is just stone-cold delicious. That’s right. Even if it wasn’t better for you and for the planet, you’d be a fool not to be packing your sandwiches, salads, and burgers with plant-based deli meat. 

Best Vegan Deli Meat to Try

But what vegan deli meat should you go for? Not all plant-based deli meat is ideal for every use. And they are created with very different intentions and ingredients. So we’ve compiled a helpful list of vegan deli meat here, with all the information you need to choose the right vegan deli meat for every occasion. 

Unreal Deli - plant-based Deli Meat Roasted Turkey Slices

Unreal Deli - plant-based Deli Meat Roasted Turkey Slices

Thought that turkey was just for meat eaters? Think again. These plant-based Deli Meat Roasted Turkey Slices from Unreal Deli are the vegan answer to all those turkey dreams. Whether it’s Thanksgiving and you’re looking to join in the fun, or it’s the day after Thanksgiving and you’re looking to load up a sandwich with the best vegan deli meat on offer, this plant-based deli meat is an absolute no-brainer. 

Full of chickpea goodness, it’s a healthy snack too. It’s a vegan deli meat that will leave your stomach full and your conscience clean. 

Field Roast - Lentil Sage Deli Slices

Field Roast - Lentil Sage Deli Slices

We’re talking lentils. We’re talking rubbed sage. We’re talking fresh garlic. We’re talking straight-up delicious Lentil Sage Slices from Field Roast. An absolute knockout vegan deli meat that is just so full of flavor that it’ll have you sneaking down to the kitchen at night, opening up the refrigerator, and finishing off that packet of plant-based deli meat when nobody else is watching. 

These also work great in salads so you can tear them up and sprinkle them on top of your favorite salad to give them a flavorful, protein boost. 

Yves Veggie - Vegi Salami Deli SlicesYves Veggie - Vegi Salami Deli Slices

Low in fat and high in smoky flavor, these Vegi Salami Vegan Deli Meat Slices are to die for. With absolutely no artificial flavors and packed full of vitamin B12, Yves Veggie has just changed the sandwich game forever. 

This plant-based deli meat is a great source of iron too, and it’s full of protein. Perfect for a midday snack, or for a more hearty sandwich meal. This is some of the best vegan deli meat out there. 

Unreal Deli - Steak Deli Slices

Unreal Deli - Steak Deli Slices

Made from wheat gluten and then packed with soy sauce, onion powder, sea salt, and dijon mustard for the depth of flavor, this Steak Deli Slices from Unreal Deli is the choice for those looking to load up a vegan burger with delicious vegan deli meat. 

With one hundred years of experience in the deli trade, Unreal Deli knows what the game is all about. They are absolute champions of creating plant-based alternatives and this plant-based deli meat is no exception. 

Mia - Plant-Based Deli Slices

Mia - Plant-Based Deli Slices

Ok here’s a special one. A full-blooded Italian special but with none of the… Well, blood! This is artisanal plant-based deli meat. Say goodbye to the flavorless, limp vegan alternatives you’re used to, and get to know Mia’s plant-based deli meat. 

They are rich and flavorful and inspired by the authentic tastes of Italy. Just like deli meats, they are cured, but Mia uses legumes and sourdough starter to ferment their best vegan deli meat. 

And they are just so versatile. Slip it in your sandwiches, add it on top of your pizzas or put it in your salads. Heck, these are so good you can even lay them out on a vegan cold cuts plate. They come in multiple flavors (pepperoni, spicy salami, carpaccio, and prosciutto) so there is now a vegan deli meat for whatever mood you might be in. 

Tofurky - Plant-Based Deli Slices

Tofurky - plant-based Deli Slices

Here’s plant-based deli meat that combines an old-school classic with a modern sensibility. So you miss out on none of the charm but get away with avoiding all the nasties. These Plant-Based Deli Meat Slices from Tofurky are made from tofu and come in a huge variety of styles. 

You can opt for the bologna style, the hickory smoked option, the roast beef slices, and many many more. 

This is a great choice for those looking for classic flavors but who want to avoid all the nonsense that comes with animal products. 

Wrapping up Vegan Deli Meat 

So there we have it. Now you can go out and choose from the fantastic selection yourselves. And remember to experiment! Maybe you want to combine your vegan deli meat with a delicious vegan cheese slice or a luscious vegan mayonnaise like this one. Soon enough your vegan deli sandwiches will be a thing of legend.

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