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Unreal Deli - Plant Based Deli Meat Corn`d Beef Slices, 5oz
Transform your vegan meals with Unreal Deli’s Plant-Based Deli Meat. These Corn’d Beef Slices are a delicious, protein-packed meat alternative that can be enjoyed by all. Key Information Kosher-friendly 14g protein per serving Locally sourced ingredients Non-GMO Recyclable/compostable packaging Product...
Unreal Deli - Plant Based Deli Meat Roasted Turkey Slices, 5oz
Who says vegans can’t have turkey during Thanksgiving? Well, it’s not really turkey, but you know what it is - Unreal Deli’s Plant-Based Roasted Turkey Slices! Key Information Plant-based roasted turkey slices Great in wraps and sandwiches Pre-sliced out of...
Unreal Deli - Steak Deli Slices, 5oz
One of the world’s leading manufacturers of Plant-Based Deli Meats has done it again! Unreal Deli’s Steak Deli Slices are great for making vegan Philly cheesesteaks. Key Information Plant-based Steak Deli Slices  Great for tasty sandwiches and wraps Ideal for...
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