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Is molasses vegan

Is molasses vegan

Is Molasses a good vegan option?

Let us first understand what molasses is. It is derived from the process of refining sugar. It comes half-way through the procedure of transforming cane into a refined sugar form. Some steps in the process leave behind the thick and dark syrup, which we all refer to as molasses. Usually, it is a vegan product, but it may also be made with non-vegan things. You might have heard that every sugar product is not vegan. Some sugar products are turned into white color by filtering these with bone char.
So, the thing to consider is whether or not bone char is utilized after the creation of molasses. If it is used before it, then molasses might not fit most people’s definition of a vegan product. Even if that sugar filtration process happened following the making of molasses, some would argue that it is non-vegan.

Kelly Irwin

VP Customer Experience & Education.
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