This Vegan Market, Deli, and Coffee Shop Is the Best-Kept Secret in LA

This Vegan Market, Deli, and Coffee Shop Is the Best-Kept Secret in LA

It’s a genius concept: A local market, deli, and coffee shop that sells your plant-based favorite necessities, all in one place. Order your coffee and pastries, then peruse the gourmet ready-made dishes or grab a frozen meal to take home for dinner. You can stock up on pre-packaged snacks and know that everything in the store is vegan. Sound too good to be true? Or some future vision of the perfect market? It’s a reality, and it’s called XMarket.

XMarket’s first location opened in Venice Beach – they since have changed the name from New Deli – and there is also a location in Squamish, Canada. Next up is a highly-anticipated San Diego location about to open. There’s also an XMarket slated to open in Tel Aviv, Israel slated to open before the end of 2021. The company says it’s working on a rapid expansion plan, with a few XMarkets in the works on the East Coast.

The store is a brick-and-mortar consumer experience from PlantX, the online retailer. Each ‘XMarket’ is designed to “reflect the dynamic, interactive, and diverse in-store experience” the company hopes to bring to its consumers, as a way of meeting the demand for plant-based and vegan products, food, and lifestyle. The market in LA also sells new frozen meals from world-renowned plant-based chef Matthew Kenney, called XFood.

XMarket is worth the visit. Here’s what to expect

Calling All: For those who want a quaint spot to do remote work, or catch up with a friend over coffee and vegan pastries fresh-made deli items, XMarket is for you. For croissant aficionados, the almond croissant is to die for. Also, the breakfast sandwich made with JUST Egg is a clear standout for something a bit more savory.

You’ll also find a chickpea-based “tuna” sandwich, and an eggless sandwich (made with tofu), along with a few other deli items to choose from. The best part is, you can also shop for snacks and other vegan goods, all in one place; you’ll catch your go-to vegan brands, and also discover new ones since XMarket curates the best of the best and carries some vegan brands harder to come by in standard grocery stores.

Plant Yourself: There is one seating area on the back patio which is a quiet reprieve surrounded by a garden of succulents. You can find a comfy place to set up your laptop and work at the large communal table, or lounge in one of the chairs and tables sprinkled throughout. Whether you’re sipping on a coffee, or chowing down on a deli breakfast or lunch item served all day, you’ll find comfort in all the plant-based goodness XMarket has to offer.

Take Note: Lookout for the upcoming wellness events like yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes hosted at XMarket. The company says they also plan to have the chefs from Matthew Kenney Cuisine hold tasting events for seasonal, XFood meal items. Another thing to take note of is that you can also order XMarket items, from grocery’s to deli items, on Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub.