PlantX: The New Face of Plant-Based Living

PlantX: The New Face of Plant-Based Living

As Canadians are becoming more aware of things like food supply, sustainability, & environmental impact of our purchasing choices. And as such, our dietary habits could use some… modernization.

Many are turning toward the ‘’plant-based lifestyle’, embracing the newfound variety of plant-based food products on the market in this thriving marketplace.

PlantX is the Amazon of the plant-based lifestyle & offers a curated gateway to the green & eco-friendly foodie world where every product listed is 100% plant-based. Whether you’re just testing the water, or full vegan the sheer volume of new & delicious plant-based products is at an all-time high… and only trending up.

“We welcome everyone to give plant-based living a try…so, even if it’s for one meal, one barbeque… Come and check it out!” says Sean Dollinger, Founder of PlantX…Join the plant-based movement today!

Sean Dollinger

Founder, PlantX

Nick McNutt


Matthew Kenney

World Renowned Plant-Based Chef