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Best place to buy plants online for Mother's Day in 2021

Best place to buy plants online for Mother's Day in 2021

A lush potted fern or two is the easiest way to lift any space. These are the absolute best places to buy plants online.

Indoor plants are always in season, and they make an excellent Mother's Day gift for the mom or motherly figure who'd appreciate a living ficus or bird of paradise plant much more than a bouquet with its natural shelf life. Plus, there are tons of online plant marketplaces that stock potted plants, ferns, flowers and succulents to brighten any corner, shelf, garden or window sill.

If you're not in proximity to a good local greenhouse or plant shop, you'll need to forgo the skimpy supply at the hardware store and buy your indoor house plants online -- you'll get more options for indoor potted plants that are pet-friendly, easy to care for and in virtually any size or species you want.

When you shop for your flora on the web, you can buy common and exotic plants, from mini cacti and succulents to hanging plants, air plants and large floor plants that will anchor an entire room. Better yet, these popular online plant vendors such as Bloomscape and The Sill provide specific advice for plant care and tell you which plants are hard to kill, just in case plant parenting is not your forte. Most of these online plant retailers also carry a wide range of stunning pots and planters to display your new green in a myriad of styles, colors and materials. Beyond indoor plants, we dug up an option for buying bigger outdoor plants like fruit trees, vines and shrubs for landscaping projects in case this is the summer you're finally turning the backyard into the natural wonderland you've always dreamed of. And if you're looking to grow fresh herbs inside without having to touch a single grain of soil, we've got you covered there too: Check out CNET's list of best indoor pod gardens in 2021. So whatever your greenery goals are, these are the best places to buy plants online.


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