Wholesome - Organic Stevia Packets, 2.65oz

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Wholesome - Organic Stevia Packets, 2.65oz

Brand - Wholesome
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Quick Description

Give Wholesome’s completely organic, non-artificial sweetener to still have that sweet taste in whatever you desire without having to worry about consuming that fake stuff!

Key Information

  • USDA Organic
  • Perfectly paired with your teas, coffees, smoothies and much more!
  • Absolutely NO calories
  • 1 packet is equal to 2 tbsp of sugar

Product Overview

Wholesome’s Organic Stevia Packets are the perfect product for anyone who wants to be mindful of what they put in their body. Who wouldn’t want to be able to taste sweetness without that guilty feeling?

This heavenly product can be used in several things. One example is for a delicious smoothie. This sweetener is not comparable to anything else, it is mouthwateringly sweet and elevates anything you decide to put it in!

Don’t miss out on grabbing one of Wholesome’s Organic Stevia Packets! You will not regret allowing this divine product to enter your life. It’ll be the new source of your happiness, so try to give it a go!


Organic erythritol, organic stevia extract (stevia rebaudiana), natural flavors

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Wholesome’s Organic Stevia Packets better than normal sugar?

Wholesome’s Organic Stevia Packets have zero glycemic impact so for anyone who has been looking to control their glucose intake, this is the perfect solution. It’s the easiest and healthiest way to upgrade your drinks or food.

What would I be able to use Wholesome’s Organic Stevia Packets for?

You can add it to your drinks or if you’re a smoothie lover, why not throw some into your strawberry smoothie to give it that extra flavor! It’s up to you to use it for whatever you want.

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