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Sushi Sonic - 100% Real Wasabi Powder, 1.5oz

Sushi Sonic - 100% Real Wasabi Powder, 1.5oz

Brand - Sushi Sonic
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Quick Description

Welcome to Japan. This Sushi Sonic 100% Real Wasabi Powder gives us hardcore authentic wasabi at its best, and it will knock your taste buds out of the park.

Key Information

  • 100% Genuine Wasabi
  • Freeze-dried for Enhanced Flavor
  • 5 Calories per Serving
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO

Product Overview

Try this Sushi Sonic 100% Real Wasabi Powder and get ready to be blown away. This is authentic Japanese flavor at its finest. No unnecessary horseradish or mustard, no fillers, no funny business. Unlike other brands, Sushi Sonic does not mess around. Its Wasabi Powder is 100% wasabi, with 100% hardcore flavor. Why is it freeze-dried? So we get even more great flavor. This is the real deal, and it packs a punch. Have a taste of this Sushi Sonic concoction and your taste buds will be taken to another level. Pungent. Aromatic. Exhilarating. There is nothing like the fresh taste of wasabi, and Sushi Sonic’s Wasabi Powder is one of a kind. The best part? It is totally versatile and easy to use. Spread onto sushi. Drip into dips. Mix into vegan mayo. Get ready for big flavors! This wasabi paste will transform your dishes. Give it a go if you think you can take it.


Freeze Dried 100% Wasabi (Wasabia Japonica).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this Sushi Sonic 100% Real Wasabi Powder?

Using the Sushi Sonic Wasabi Powder couldn’t be simpler. Simply mix 1 teaspoon of the wasabi powder with just enough cool water to make a thick paste. Allow it to stand for about 10 minutes and the full flavor will develop. There you have it, it is ready to eat! An amazingly authentic paste that packs a punch. Serve cold with food, or incorporate into dips and dressings.

Client Reviews

Sushi Sonic - 100% Real Wasabi Powder, 1.5oz
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