Spindrift - Fruit-Flavored Sparkling Water, 8-Pack Multiple Flavors

Spindrift - Fruit-Flavored Sparkling Water, 8-Pack Multiple Flavors

Brand - Spindrift
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Quick Description

Crack open a chilled can of these delicious Fruit-Flavored Sparkling Waters from Spindrift. These amazing soda alternatives come in four tasty varieties. 

Key Information

Product Overview

Indulge your senses with one of these delicious Fruit-Flavored Sparkling Waters from Spindrift. Coming in four original and naturally fruity flavors, there’s guaranteed to be just the sparkling water for you.

It’s totally natural! The perfect alternative to soda for when you’re on a health kick, one can of Spindrift contains up to 10% of real fruit juice which naturally infuses these delicately fruit-flavored sparkling waters. 

Naturally low in calories and made with zero added sugar, they can be enjoyed on their own straight out of the can or incorporated into all of your favorite mocktails. Deeply cooling and highly refreshing! 

Fruit-Flavored Sparkling Water Blackberry 8-Pack

Subtly infused with that oh-so-good flavor of everyone’s favorite summer berry, this Sparkling Water is a must-have for all blackberry soda lovers. Low in calories and made using zero added sugar, this naturally flavorsome beverage is 100% guilt-free. Containing 8% real blackberry juice, there really is nothing not to love. 

Fruit-Flavored Sparkling Water Grapefruit 8-Pack

Tangy, refreshing, and 100% delectable, this Grapefruit Sparkling Water is leaps and bounds from other Grapefruit beverages on the market. Experts at Spindrift have expertly combined real grapefruit, orange, and lime juice to give you a perfectly balanced (and healthy) soda alternative. Serve on its own over ice for a tasty summer drink. 

Fruit-Flavored Sparkling Water Orange Mango 8-Pack

Bursting full of all your favorite natural fruity flavors, each sip of this Orange and Mango Sparkling Water from Spindrift is a rollercoaster ride. The natural tanginess from the orange juice is complemented by the deliciously sweet Alphonso Mango purée. Enjoy this fruit-flavored sparkling water over ice with some fresh mint for the perfect pool-side beverage. 

Fruit-Flavored Sparkling Water Pineapple 8-Pack

Transport yourself to a coastal paradise with this naturally sweetened and delicately balanced Pineapply Sparkling Water from Spindrift. Made with real Costa Rican pineapple juice, this small can is a celebration of all things Caribbean. Pair with some coconut cubes for a ‘deconstructed’ virgin pina colada. 


Fruit-Flavored Sparkling Water Blackberry: Carbonated Water, Blackberry Juice, Lemon Juice, Blackberry Purée

Fruit-Flavored Sparkling Water Grapefruit: Carbonated Water, Grapefruit Juice, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Hibiscus (For Color)

Fruit-Flavored Sparkling Water Orange Mango: Carbonated Water, Orange Juice, Alphonso Mango Puree, Citric Acid

Fruit-Flavored Sparkling Water Pineapple: Carbonated Water, Pineapple Juice, Citric Acid

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why we love Spindrift here at PlantX

Here at PlantX, we love a brand that has made it its mission to provide customers with the best quality product with the best quality natural ingredients. With its heart and home in Boston, for over a decade Spindrift has been giving us some of the leading sparkling waters loaded with authentic, natural, and fruity ingredients. What’s not to love?

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