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Schilling Hard Cider - Variety Pack, 12pk

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Quick Description

Schilling Cider’s Variety Pack includes 4 delicious handcrafted cidres including Passport, Grapefruit, London Dry, and Local Legend, made with locally sourced ingredients.

Key Information

  • X3 Passport, x3 Grapefruit, x3 London Dry, x3 Local Legend
  • 100% fresh pressed Washington apples
  • Locally Sourced Ingredients
  • Free from GMOs, Gluten, and Preservatives

Product Overview

Schilling Cider’s Variety Pack gives you an exquisite taste of the pacific Northwest in every can. These handcrafted cidres are brimming with delicious locally sourced ingredients. Looking for a lighter way to drink? Each can of Schilling Cider is made with real ingredients naturally low in sugar meaning you can sip away on a guilt-free beverage. Each can is artfully designed with striking visuals by graphic artists, so the pleasure is full for all your senses.

In 2012 Schilling Cider was born. Using traditional styles with a modern twist, each variety is craftily made with mixologist infusions. Colin Schilling set up Schilling cider learning the tricks of the trade on his family orchard since the 70s. Born with traditions, experimenting to greatness. Colin had a vision with his ciders to craft something bold and exotic, pairing with unusual aromas that continue to gain momentum winning the Puget Sound Business Journal's Innovation Award in the food and beverage category.

Passport Pineapple Passionfruit 6.7% ABV

Schillings Passport Pineapple Passionfruit will send you to a tropical paradise. Brimming with juicy fruity flavors with a balanced centered feel. The pineapple and passionfruit flavors are paired delicately with sour notes to balance out the sweetness. Put your shades on and sip away on this beach side favorite.

Grapefruit and Chill 6.0% ABV

Refreshing. Bright. Tart. This cider will keep you on your toes. Combining sweet notes with bitter undertones, Schilling's Grapefruit & Chill is blissfully balanced. Made with locally sourced ingredients, the fruity fizziness is paired with a grapefruit sour zing! A summer must-have, the ultimate pool-side drink to share with friends.

London Dry 6.5% ABV

Crisp, refreshing, and slightly tart, the London Dry Cider is inspired by traditional English pub style ciders. Brimming with apple-forward flavor, yet dry as a bone, the English style traditional cider is clear and unfiltered and the perfect alternative if you're looking for a well balanced rather than overly sweet cider. The distinctive and powerful character of this cider will certainly not disappoint.

Local Legend 5.2% ABV

Legend has it there's the perfect cider for you, look no further than the mysterious joys of Schilling’s local legend. A medium fruity aroma, with light carbonation which pours a luscious majestic deep amber color. This one sits somewhere in between semi-sweet and semi-dry, trust us, you really have to try it. The Sasquatch visuals on the can are sure to keep you guessing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cook with Schilling Cider?

Schilling Cider pairs perfectly with a range of recipes. How about pairing Schilling Cider’s London Dry with a tray of roasted root vegetables. Schilling Cider’s Local Legend works perfectly in vegan mac and cheese, simply heat the cider with your dairy-free butter, apples, onion and garlic, let it reduce for 10 minutes and sprinkle over your cheese and nutritional yeast. Try cooking pulled jackfruit in Schilling Ciders grapefruit and chill for an extra tropical zesty punch!

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Schilling Hard Cider - Variety Pack, 12pk
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