Rawmio - Toasted Hazelnut Spread, 6oz

Rawmio - Toasted Hazelnut Spread, 6oz
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Rawmio - Toasted Hazelnut Spread, 6oz

Brand - Rawmio
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Quick Description

Rawmio, oh Rawmio. Wherefore thou, Rawmio? Well, Rawmio’s been out looking for toasted hazelnuts so that they can grind them and spread them!

Key Information

  • Dark chocolate blend with hazelnuts
  • Stone-ground and toasted hazelnuts
  • Made using whole hazelnuts and raw cacao
  • Full and rich taste
  • Over 20 hazelnuts in every jar

Product Overview

Rawmio’s Toasted Hazelnut Spread is as good as it gets. It is made with whole hazelnuts that have been lightly toasted. No powders or small hazelnut pieces - just whole hazelnuts. You’ll get a lot of them, too, with over 20 in every jar!

Once lightly toasted, the toasted hazelnuts are stone ground and then mixed with fine ingredients like raw cacao, Balinese coconut sugar, and sprouted oat milk powder.

Thus, Rawmio Toasted Hazelnut Spread is born! This Hazelnut Spread boasts a rich taste thanks to the medley of dark chocolate and hazelnuts it contains.

Because it’s made with hazelnuts, Rawmio’s Spread is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Hazelnuts actually rank high in the list of best nuts to eat!


Toasted Hazelnuts*, Sprouted Oats*, Raw Peruvian Cacao Nibs*, Coconut Sugar*

*Certified Organic

Frequently Asked Questions

What else can I use Rawmio’s Toasted Hazelnut Spread for?

Outside of basic spreading, Rawmio’s Toasted Hazelnut Spread can be used as a crepe filler, ice cream topping, and fondue ingredient.

You can even make a nice cup of hot cocoa by adding 1 generous tablespoon of Toasted Hazelnut Spread to 1 cup of hot water. Just make sure to stir well.

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