Radius - Source Toothbrush Soft

Radius - Source Toothbrush Soft

Brand - Radius
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Quick Description

Want a clean mouth and a cleaner planet? Look no further than the Radius Source Toothbrush - you’ll be smiling all day long!

Key Information

  • Vegan toothbrush
  • American Dental Association accepted!
  • Cruelty free!
  • Refillable replacement heads for less waste!
  • This toothbrush reduces waste by 93% more than the average toothbrush!

Product Overview

Sometimes, making a difference to the health of our planet can feel like an impossible task! But here at PlantX, we’ve realised that even the little changes can make a difference. That’s why we are absolutely loving the Radius Source Toothbrush.

It’s a high quality toothbrush that will leave your mouth feeling squeaky clean all day long. It has super soft bristles (derived from vegetables!) that give your gums a softer, deeper clean. The small head makes it easy to use and accessible to reach those tricky spots.

Not only will this toothbrush help you maintain healthy teeth and gums, it also reduces waste by an incredible 93%. The ergonomic, upcycled handle and replaceable head means that by using this toothbrush, you’ll be helping to keep our beautiful planet cleaner and healthier! Not to mention that the handle is also reversible, so it’s perfect for righties and lefties alike. We don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t make the switch to the Radius Source Toothbrush.


Handle - made from different repurposed materials such as paper, wood and even recycled dollar bills
Bristles - made from vegetable-based nylon

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so great about Radius?

Here at PlantX, we absolutely love Radius’ incredible mission. According to Radius, over a billion toothbrushes in the USA will be thrown away every year. All this plastic ends up in landfills, which is polluting our planet. Radius aims to reduce waste with all their amazing recycled and recyclable products, such as their amazing Source Toothbrush. If that’s not a reason to smile, we don’t know what is!

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