Radius – PlantX US
Radius - Organic Canine Dental Gel, 3oz
A tooth gel for your dog that fights bacteria and plaque using natural and organic ingredients. Treat them with healthy teeth and gums. Key information Tasty & Organic canine dental gel Free from GMO, Gluten, Artificial Sweeteners & Flavors Rich...
Radius - Source Toothbrush Soft
Want a clean mouth and a cleaner planet? Look no further than the Radius Source Toothbrush - you’ll be smiling all day long! Key Information Vegan toothbrush American Dental Association accepted! Cruelty free! Refillable replacement heads for less waste! This...
Radius - Sponge Floss Peppermint, 1oz
Discover the new vegan, cruelty-free expandable dental floss from Radius. Made with plant-based ingredients for a fresh and sustainable clean. Key Information Vegan and Cruelty-Free Dental Floss Plastic-Free Packaging Free From: Chemicals, Toxins, PFAs Natural Peppermint Flavor Expandable Floss for...
Radius - Toothbrush Head Replacement, 2 Units
Clean your teeth with these super-soft Toothbrush Head Replacements by Radius. Introduce a small change that is kind to your gums, your health, and the planet. Key Information Non-toxic Green by design with bio-plastic bristles Cruelty-free! 3000 bristles for a...
Radius - Toothbrushes for Babies and Kids, 1oz
Toothbrushing time is no longer a battle of bawling and biting. Radius have designed safe, comfortable brushes for every stage of your kid’s teeth-cleaning journey! Key Information Recyclable and Biodegradable Three Sizes to Suit Each Stage of Teeth Cleaning BPA...
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Radius - Toothpaste, 3oz
The Radius Organic Toothpastes will put a smile on your face. With no chemicals, fluorides, or parabens, this sustainable toothpaste is the secret to happy teeth! Key Information Fluoride-Free Toothpaste USDA Certified Organic No Harmful Additives Non-GMO Cruelty-Free Product Overview...
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