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Plant Paper - Toilet Paper, 8 Pack

Plant Paper - Toilet Paper, 8 Pack

Brand - Plant Paper
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Quick Description

Running low on TP? Get your roll from PP - Plant Paper, to be specific! Plant Paper‘s Toilet Paper is made with organically grown bamboo, not trees!

Key Information

  • Toilet paper made from bamboo
  • Strong and absorbent
  • Large 3-ply sheets
  • Free from bleach and formaldehyde
  • Septic safe

Product Overview

Get a load (pun intended) of Plant Paper’s Toilet Paper! They’re large, 3-ply sheets of absorbent toilet paper! They’re also strong, as you need them to be. Don’t worry, though. They’re strong but septic-safe.

Did you know that most types of toilet paper contain bleaching agents and formaldehyde to make it fluffier and softer? You’ll be pleased to hear that Plant Paper’s Toilet Paper is 100% natural and free from toxins like bleach and formaldehyde.

Plant Paper’s Toilet Paper is just made with bamboo. You can tell it isn’t bleached thanks to the off-white color!


FSC Certified, Organically Grown Bamboo Pulp

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Plant Paper make such a big deal about making its rolls with bamboo?

Because it is a big deal! Bamboo grows fast and needs little water to grow. Also, a lot of trees are cut down to make toilet paper, but it’s better for the environment to keep them standing up! Just think of the carbon dioxide.

Client Reviews

Plant Paper - Toilet Paper, 8 Pack
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