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Hlthpunk - Organic Tomato Paste, 5.3oz


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Hlthpunk - Organic Tomato Paste, 5.3oz

Brand - Hlthpunk
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Quick Description

This Hlthpunk Organic Tomato Paste is a pantry essential. Packed full of double-concentrated organic tomato goodness, you’ll be squeezing the tube right to the end!

Key Information

  • 100% Undiluted organic Italian tomatoes 
  • The perfect base for your recipes 
  • Classic pantry staple 
  • Great for all dishes 
  • Grown by a co-operative

Product Overview 

The tomato paste to rule all tomato pastes. Made from the finest organic sun-ripened Italian tomatoes, the simplicity of Hlthpunk’s Organic Tomato Paste will blow your mind (and taste buds!). 

And the possibilities are endless. Squeeze it in that pasta sauce, stir it into curries, or even spread it over your sandwiches. 

This extra-concentrated paste will go even further for even longer. And what’s more, all of these delicious tomatoes have been grown on cooperative farms. Only Italy’s finest organic produce gets into the tube. 

Packed full of antioxidants, the health benefits will have you squeezing tomato paste into every dish!


100% organic tomatoes 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the antioxidant benefits of Hlthpunk’s tomato paste? 

Tomatoes are packed full of an antioxidant called lycopene. In fact, it’s lycopene that gives tomatoes their red color. And this magic little plant nutrient has been linked with a whole host of health benefits, from heart health to protection against sunburn (which makes a lot of sense if you think of all those lovely tomatoes in southern Europe!)

How should I use tomato paste in my dishes? 

Tomato paste is - essentially - a super-concentrated form of other tomato products, like tinned or chopped tomatoes. It’s often used to pack flavor into a dish and is great for thickening things like pasta sauces. 

In Italian cooking, the paste is often cooked a little in the pan before adding more liquid ingredients like passata or stock. It’s a great time saver too, giving you depths of flavor that you’d otherwise only achieve from cooking sauces down for long periods of time. 

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Hlthpunk - Organic Tomato Paste, 5.3oz
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