Dorot - Frozen Crushed Garlic 2.8oz

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Dorot - Frozen Crushed Garlic 2.8oz
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Dorot - Frozen Crushed Garlic 2.8oz

Brand - Dorot
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Quick Description

Finished with the fuss of peeling garlic? Dorot’s Frozen Crushed Garlic is convenient, long-lasting, and means you’ll never be without the joy of garlic!

Key information

  • Frozen crushed garlic for your everyday cooking
  • Gluten-free
  • 100% natural, raw ingredients
  • Convenient and long-lasting
  • Keep frozen

Product overview

Bored of peeling fiddly garlic cloves? Hate the smell of it lingering on your fingers for hours? Resent the panicked run to the grocery store when you realize you’ve run out of garlic?

Don’t fear, Dorot has come to the rescue here: Frozen Crushed Garlic. Convenient and long-lasting due to being stored in the freezer, and not to mention punchy in flavor, it’s just as good as the fresh stuff!

Made of natural raw garlic, canola oil, sea salt, and a touch of lemon, this handy pot of Crushed Garlic is perfect for frying and roasting vegetables or eating raw in dips such as fresh hummus or tzatziki. Let’s face it, we use garlic probably more than anything else in the kitchen.

Why not make seasoning as easy as possible with Dorot’s Frozen Crushed Garlic? No peeling, chopping, or garlic residue on your hands!


Garlic, Water, Canola Oil, Sea Salt
Allergens: None

Frequently asked questions

How much of Dorot’s Frozen Crushed Garlic should I put in my food?

One cube of Dorot’s Frozen Crushed Garlic measures up to around 1 clove of garlic. So, if your recipe calls for 3 cloves, just add 3 cubes!

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