Domaine Bousquet - Premium Malbec (2019), 750ml & 375ml – PlantX US

Domaine Bousquet - Premium Malbec (2019), 750ml & 375ml

Domaine Bousquet - Premium Malbec (2019), 750ml & 375ml

Brand - Domaine Bousquet
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Quick Description

A rich and fruity lightly unoaked Malbec from the Valle de Uco in Argentina. Explore the deep and intricate smooth taste of this Premium vegan red wine.

Key Information

  • Produced in Argentina
  • Premium Malbec
  • 750ml & 375ml
  • Sweet flavor, with notes of vanilla
  • Medium body
  • Ideal with grilled aubergine, wild garlic, and twice-cooked focaccia

Product Overview

Think red wine and you are thinking of Argentina. Famous for their traditional velvety reds and now for their cutting-edge winemaking techniques, Argentina is celebrated globally for its distinctive high-altitude vineyards. This unique terroir has attracted award-winning winemakers from all over the world who are seeking new and distinctive aromas and flavors. Now you can experience the magic of Valle de Uco with this bold and fruity Malbec.

This is a truly entrancing wine, yielding new sensory experiences at every turn. The 2019 Domaine Bousquet Premium Malbec encompasses a special blend of dark violet color that allows for the individual flavor of the succulent grapes to cut through, ensuring the maximum impression from every nuanced sip of this charming wine. Subtle yet complex and intricate, Domaine Bousquet Premium Malbec enables the true expression of the beautifully pressed Argentinian grapes to linger long on your palate, unlocking the deepest tastes and senses.

Premium Malbec (2019), 750ml

Domaine Bousquet presents a smooth and dark violet Malbec with notes of blackcurrant and plum. With a medium body and acidity, this elegantly pronounced sweet red showcases all that you know and love from Premium Malbec. The 750ml bottle is our preferred choice, as we just can’t get enough of this vivid red.

Premium Malbec (2019), 375ml

Domaine Bousquet’s Premium Malbec is fermented in stainless steel tanks to preserve the grapes and fruits of the wine. This beautiful red wine will quickly become a part of your fondest memories with its fragrant peach bouquet. Gentle aromas of red currant and toasted vanilla notes shine through with each sip, enhancing every bite of your accompanying meal.


100% Premium Malbec.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I pair the 2019 Domaine Bousquet Premium Malbec with?

Our customers suggested we combine this wine with a delicious vegan dim sum platter. This is a wonderful idea and a truly explorative fusion of dark and intense flavor. Cheung Fung with wild garlic, tender stem broccoli, and twice-cooked focaccia creates a wonderfully balanced and hearty meal with family and friends. Try scattering some shaved almonds over your dish for an extra crunch with each bite. Enjoy this food-friendly, vivid wine! Top tip! Add a few ice cubes to each glass as you progress through the bottle to unlock the deeper impressions of this intricate wine. This does not just apply to white wines! You will be amazed at how crisp and delicate each chilled sip becomes with the simple edition of an ice cube.

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