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Dare Vegan Cheese - Pepperjack Brie, 6oz


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Dare Vegan Cheese - Pepperjack Brie, 6oz

Brand - Dare Vegan Cheese
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Quick Description

Savor the aged and nutty flavor of Darë Vegan Cheese Pepperjack Brie. Every bite is a perfect blend of creamy texture and a hint of jalapeño heat.

Key Information

  • Uses healthy probiotics in culturing process
  • Can be consumed within 4 weeks once thawed
  • Stays fresh for up to 10 months if kept in the freezer
  • Contains zero artificial colorings or flavorings
  • 100% vegan

Product Overview

Nothing beats a fancy cheese board platter paired with olives, grapes, and wine. But don’t worry vegans, Darë Vegan Cheese’s Pepperjack Brie has got you covered. 

Made from high-quality cashews and premium coconut milk, Dare Vegan Cheese’s Pepperjack Brie captures the nutty and smoky flavor of an authentic pepper jack brie!

Don’t hesitate to put a slice of this plant-based cheese on your sandwich. Topped with your favorite vegetables and a dollop of veganaise, you can create the perfect umami bite for lunch or dinner. You may also whip up a bowl of greens with crumbled vegan cheese and hints of jalapeño and red pepper flakes. 

Who ever said that regular cheese is all there is? It’s better than dairy – it’s Darë!

Suitable for freezing and once thawed, keep refrigerated.


Cashews, coconut milk, vegan culture, filtered water, kosher salt, nutritional yeast, coconut oil, maple syrup, jalapeño, roasted red pepper, and red pepper flakes.
Allergens: Tree Nuts (cashew, coconut)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is vegan cheese better than regular cheese?

Yes, vegan cheese contains significantly higher nutritional value than regular cheese. Darë Vegan Cheese doesn’t have byproducts of carcinogenic animal proteins, growth hormones, and saturated fats. It’s a great substitute for dairy cheese to maintain your body’s low cholesterol levels.

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Dare Vegan Cheese - Pepperjack Brie, 6oz
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