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Color Kitchen - Food Coloring Multi Pack (10 Colors), 0.88oz

Color Kitchen - Food Coloring Multi Pack (10 Colors), 0.88oz

Brand - Color Kitchen
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Quick Description

5 vibrant hues extracted from some of the most colorful plants—Color Kitchen’s Food Coloring is the safe way to add more awesomeness to your already awesome cakes!

Key Information

  • Plant-based food coloring
  • Five vibrant colors to choose from
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Economical, blendable
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, no artificial dyes

Product Overview

Color Kitchen’s Food Coloring serves five eye-popping shades from nature’s color palette, powdered and ready to use.

Yes, all-natural colors! No synthetic chemicals. Each packet contains 100% plant-based, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients. These Food Colorings are a great alternative to petroleum-based dyes and are even better in terms of vibrancy and blendability. 

One packet makes one brightly-colored pint of frosting. That means one impressively colorful cake!

This multi-pack contains two of each color: bright blue, pink, yellow, orange, and green. Mix them together to discover more colors or follow this guide and be the master of edible hues.

Add to 1 pint of frosting to get:

Purple: 2 tsp blue + 2 tsp pink 

Red: 3 tsp pink + 1 tsp orange

Blue: 3 tsp blue

Hot pink: 3 tsp pink

Lime: ¼ tsp blue + 1 tsp yellow


2 blue, 2 pink, 2 yellow, 2 orange and 2 green color packets. 

Each color packet (2.5g - 1 ½ tsp). 

BLUE: maltodextrin, spirulina extract

PINK: maltodextrin, beet powder

YELLOW: maltodextrin, turmeric 

ORANGE: maltodextrin, turmeric, annatto extract

GREEN: maltodextrin, turmeric, spirulina extract

Frequently Asked Questions

WIll Color Kitchen Food Coloring stay colorful when heated?

Natural colors may fade a little when cooked above 250°F. 

To counter this, consider introducing the colors after removing your desserts or baked goods from the heat source (e.g. add colors to candies after melting, instead of while melting), or use them in recipes that require shorter cooking times. 

You can experiment with colors by trying different amounts of food coloring until you find the exact amount that matches your cooking time.

Color Kitchen’s Food Coloring will remain vibrant and colorful when use in frosting or icing.

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Color Kitchen - Food Coloring Multi Pack (10 Colors), 0.88oz
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