Big Country Foods - Organic Cocoa Powder, 24oz

Big Country Foods - Organic Cocoa Powder,
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Big Country Foods - Organic Cocoa Powder - nutrition
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Big Country Foods - Organic Cocoa Powder, 24oz

Brand - Big Country Foods
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Quick Description

Big Country Food’s Organic Cocoa Powder is artisan-farmed and has a rich, deep flavor that is great in both chocolaty vegan treats and savory cooking.

Key Information 

  • 100% cocoa powder sourced from East Africa
  • USDA certified organic & non-GMO
  • Rainforest Alliance Certifies
  • Gluten-free
  • Artisan farmed
  • Sustainable packaging

Product Overview

The secret to making deliciously rich, chocolaty vegan treats is good quality cocoa powder.

Big Country Foods sources its Cocoa Powder from artisan farms in East Africa. The farms grow the cocoa organically to ensure it tastes great and is good for you and the planet!

This Cocoa Powder has a rich, deep flavor and can be used to make delicious fudgy chocolate brownies, rich chocolate tarts, or velvety smooth hot cocoa. 

With no added sugar, it can also be used in cooking. Use it as the secret ingredient to your vegan chili, or for sugar-free chocolate protein milkshakes. You can combine it with nuts and dried fruit to make dense sugar-free cocoa energy balls!


100% cocoa powder

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cocoa powder the same as chocolate powder?

Despite their similarities, cocoa powder and chocolate power are not to be confused! While chocolate powder often contains added sugar, powdered milk, and other ingredients, cocoa powder is made purely from ground cocoa beans and contains no additional ingredients.

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