Vegan Bacon sounds like an impossible feat and, frankly, it is. You won’t believe how good these Vegan Bacon substitutes are!

Vegan Bacon is a plant-based food that captures the essence of bacon, but makes it dairy-free, cruelty-free, more nutritious, and more delicious! Crispy, chewy, and the right amount of salty - our plant-based bacon products are tastier than the meat stuff.

Believe it or not, bacon was invented in the 1500s! Vegan bacon is a relatively new invention, and we think it’s a food of the future. There is loads you can do with vegan bacon, you can eat it alone as a healthy snack, pop a couple of slices into a sandwich, lay some over a vegan pizza, or incorporate some into a delicious pasta dish. Different vegan bacon products are suited to different recipes.

We have selected different varieties of plant-based bacon. Whether you’re a vegan or not, plant-based bacon is going to impress you. Try one of our vegan bacon substitutes to experience the magic. Read on to find out more and we’ll help you choose the perfect plant-based bacon!