Traditional Medicinals – PlantX US
Traditional Medicinals - Ginger Aid Tea, 1.13oz
Is your stomach often in knots? Don’t let an upset tummy ruin your day by having a hot, well-steeped cup of Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid Tea. Blended with turmeric, moringa, and warming spices, this herbal formula soothes both motion sickness...
Traditional Medicinals - Organic Mother's Milk® Tea, 16 Bags
Mother's Milk® Tea is an infusion of natural, medicinal-grade herbal galactagogues combined to help moms produce precious milk for their precious ones. Key Information Formulated to promote milk production Made with natural galactagogues Baby-friendly formula Naturally sweetened with licorice USDA...
Traditional Medicinals - Organic Smooth Move® Tea, 16 Bags
Smooth Move® is a natural laxative that helps provide relief from occasional constipation and its related symptoms like gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort. Key Information Organic laxative using senna leaves Designed to help relieve constipation Works in 6 to 12...
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