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Made In Nature - Figgy Pops Choco Crunch Supersnacks, 4.2oz
Delicious and decadent don’t always have to be sinful. These organic unbaked supersnacks is extremely satisfying and will keep you going during the off-hours of the day. Just open up a pack and get the much-needed energy you need while...
Made In Nature - Dried Smyrna Figs Supersnacks, 7oz
Get the sweetness of figs with a golden hint of the Mediterranean sunshine. Smyrna figs are still new in the US. They’re a close cousin of the regular figs, but they’re originally grown in the Mediterranean, where they’re known as...
$5.59 $3.29
Made In Nature - Dried Plums Supersnacks, 6oz
We don’t like the saying “dried out old prune” here. Unlike other “old prunes” you’re thinking of, ours age like fine wine. Our dried plums are tree-ripened to wrinkly perfections in California’s sun-soaked Central Valley. Sweet and loaded with vitamins...
$5.59 $3.29
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